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Misha | millet bracelet 2 strap | leather wrist strap replacement | first layer of leather strap | millet metal wristband

Misha | millet bracelet 2 strap | leather wrist strap replacement | first layer of leather strap | millet metal wristband
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Misha
  • Model: Millet Bracelet 2 leather strap
  • Color classification: 'litchi pattern' white lychee pattern 'black' litchi pattern 'brown' litchi pattern 'red' lychee pattern 'blue' plain 'brown' plain 'black

Because the first layer of leather natural ultra-tight leather fiber provides a wear-resistant protection, do not want two layers of leather or crushed leather to suppress the regeneration of the skin will be washed sun will crack the first layer of water absorbent sweat characteristics, it is recommended pro sports swimming bath as little as possible wear, After all, not silicone. Only PU leather will really waterproof. Real life rain we will not wear shoes to go out, a reason!

Dispensers heart words: we all know that millet bracelet price is not expensive you will doubt how to spend more than 60 to buy a watch what? In fact, I want to say is the product accessories is to fill the gap of millet rubber bracelet Some people wear The ring is running but there are a lot of people who usually wear but the original silicone bracelet really has no special leather appearance perfect solution to these problems

I recommend the usual exercise more words, then change the silicone strap with water, after all, waterproof and usually wear a long time recommended with a leather strap more temperament and resistance to our own are not used to worry about the quality of the following two leather maintenance recommendations

1. The first layer of skin to avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline and other substances should be regularly sent to a professional leather maintenance shop for thorough cleaning, disinfection. After full cleaning and then properly preserved, which to maintain its first layer of skin, extend the use of Life has an important role;
If you encounter moisture or mildew, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the water; but do not use water directly rubbed, because the water can make the first layer of skin hardened;

We only do real leather section why it is expensive to see the following comparison bar a price of goods this reason we all understand

The following is the leather litchi pattern

The following is the leather flat pattern section