Shinelove beloved / love Group Lingerie | Sexy Seamless gather water bag bra cup Macaron

Shinelove beloved / love Group Lingerie | Sexy Seamless gather water bag bra cup Macaron

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Shinelove / beloved SL14171
  • Time to market: 2013 spring and summer
  • Brand: Shinelove / beloved
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Style: SL14171
  • Color Classification: Light green black-white
  • Size: 70A 70B 75B 75C 80B 75A 80C 80A 70C
  • Cup style: 3/4
  • Cup thickness: thick mold Cup
  • Cup Fabric: Nylon
  • Cup lining: Cotton
  • Feed ingredients cup in: 95%
  • Flanking Fabric: Nylon
  • Flanking lining: Nylon
  • Strap style: detachable shoulder belt
  • Hasp Rows: After the double hasp
  • Insert: No inserts
  • Have Rims: A steel ring
  • Bra styles: V-type
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: Diamond
  • Function: Gather
  • Season: Summer
  • Suitable for: Young Women
  • Bra style: sweet
  • Flanking lining (Content): 74% nylon 26% spandex
  • Flanking Fabric (content): 79% Nylon, 21% Spandex
  • Bra Series: Macarons

Macaron 3/4 cup water bag cup
Soft texture of the cup design, so the chest comfort, a natural abundance curve of the chest
Malone fashion color card highlights fresh sweet Fan children
Fashion Editor: Eva
Macaron series
shape: Semi-Gloss
Cup: 3/4 cup
Cup Fabric: Double pull delicate fabrics
Cup lining: Cotton
Clasp: After the double hasp
Rims: A steel ring
Features: Sexy gather Easy pop
Cup type: Water bag cup
thickness: Thick mold cup
Strap: Detachable shoulder belt
Breast shape: Petite
Insert: No inserts
Material characteristics:Adopts double pull delicate fabrics (double pull refers to two-way stretch), with local carved lace, delicate and smooth, thin, breathable, comfortable feel to bring personal
Wearing occasions:Daily home office, business activities, all seasons
Bust (CM)
Under Bust (CM)

Under bust +10.0 Under bust +12.5 Under bust +15.0 Under bust +17.5 Under bust +20.0 Under bust +22.5
67.5'72.5 A70 B70 C70 D70 E70 F70
72.5'77.5 A75 B75 C75 D75 E75 F75
77.5'82.5 A80 B80 C80 D80 E80 F80
82.5'87.5 A85 B85 C85 D85 E85 F85
Macaron series
Malone fashion color card highlights fresh and sweet Fan children, people can not help close
America back curve
Back design hold stable chest, shaping the United States back curve
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3/4 cup water bag
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Comfort side than
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Detachable shoulder strap
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After the double hasp
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Official LOGO
Official beloved brand LOGO and paragraph number Size reference
Suggestion: try to hand wash bra underwear products, household products such as machine be sure to use warm wash laundry bag
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