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A constant DZF-6050 6020 vacuum drying oven | suction oven | vacuum heating box | industrial vacuum oven

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: a constant
  • Model: DZF series
  • Model: DZF-6050
  • DZF-6030 (24 liters) Without pump DZF-6050 (24 liters) Without pump DZF-6050 (52 liters) Without pump DZF- Without pump DZF-6030B without pump DZF-6030B without pump DZF-6030B without pump DZF-6012B without pump DZF-6012B without pump DZF- DZF-6090 (91 liters) Standard pump DZF-6210 (215 liters) Standard pump DZF-6500 (431 liters) The standard pump DZF-6930 (91 liters) DZF-6020 + 2XZ-2 vacuum pump (set meal) DZF-6020 + 2XZ-2 vacuum pump (set meal) DZF-6020 + Warm deposit 250 degrees

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model DZF-6050 DZF-6053 DZF-6051 DZF-6021 DZF-6020 DZF-6022

Chemical special

DZF-6030A DZF-6032

Biological special



voltage AC220V 50Hz
input power 1400W 400W 400W / 700W 500W / 800W 250W / 600W
Temperature range Room temperature + 10 ~ 200 ℃ Room temperature + 10 ~ 65 ℃

Temperature Resolution /


To a degree of vacuum 133pa
Vacuum gauge Mechanical pointer type
Working temperature +5~40℃

Liner size (mm )

Length × width × height

415×370×345 300×300×275 320×320×300



Dimensions (mm)

Length × width × height

730×560×550 605×490×450 630×510×490



shelf 2 blocks (6053 is 3 pieces) 1 block 1 block / 2 blocks 1 block / 2 blocks 1 block / 2 blocks
Studio material stainless steel Cold-rolled plate stainless steel

model DZF-6213 DZF-6123 DZF-6092 DZF-6930 DZF-6500 DZF-6210 DZF-6090
voltage AC220V 50Hz AC380V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz
input power 2050W 1600W 1150W 5750W / 3750W 2050W 1300W
Temperature range Room temperature + 10 ~ 200 ℃
Temperature resolution / fluctuation 0.1℃/±1℃
To a degree of vacuum 133pa
Vacuum gauge Imported vacuum gauge / mechanical pointer type
Working temperature +5~40℃
Liner size (mm) length × width × height 600×600×600 500×500×500 450×450×450 750×1160×1050 630×810×845 560×600×640 450×450×450
Dimensions (mm) length × width × height 890×760×741 790×660×641 740×610×591 1150×1395×2010 790×1030×1855 720×820×1750 610×590×1350
shelf 3 pieces (independent temperature control) 3 pieces (independent temperature control) 2 pieces (independent temperature control) 4 pieces (independent temperature control) 3 pieces (independent temperature control) 2 pieces (independent temperature control)
Studio material Stainless steel (1Cr ~ 18Ni9T)

Note: 1, desktop series with inlet valve control (not standard vacuum pump)

2, according to user needs, the product temperature range can be extended to RT +10 ~ 250 ℃, or RT +10 ~ 100 ℃, delivery time is 15 days, according to the market price of 15%

3, 6050, 6053, 6051, 6050B, 6032, 6022 and other models of heating around the liner bundled, the rest of the products using shelf heating

4, with independent temperature control, and partition heating vacuum box, temperature can do 300 ℃, delivery time 15 days, according to the market price of 15% surcharge. (Other models can not be customized)

5, 6930, 6500, 6210, 6090 comes standard with vacuum pumps and drying cans

6, DZF-6500, after receiving the order, the delivery time is 25 days; DZF-6930, received the order, the delivery period of 30 days

1, intelligent liquid crystal temperature controller .................... 1500 yuan

2, the inert gas intake valve ...................................... 500 yuan

3, import the vacuum table ............................................. 600 yuan

4, the next cabinet cabinet ........................................... ....1000 RMB

5, liquid water filter (according to the specification model pricing, suitable for high humidity drying) ... 500 yuan

6, drying cans .............................................. .......500 yuan

7, import Vacuumer VOP-100/200 .................. 8000/9000 yuan

8, optional exhaust oil filter (recommended replacement of 6 months) ..... 2,500 yuan

9, optional partition ........................................... Each piece of 500 to 2,000 yuan

1. Vacuum box shell must be effectively grounded to ensure the use of safety.

2. The vacuum box should be in the relative humidity ≤ 85% RH, non-corrosive gas around, no strong vibration source and the presence of strong electromagnetic field environment.

3. Vacuum box studio without explosion, anti-corrosion and other treatment, shall not be flammable, explosive, easy to produce corrosive gas items dry.

4. Vacuum pump can not work for a long time, so when the vacuum to dry goods requirements, should first turn off the vacuum valve, and then turn off the vacuum pump power, when the vacuum is less than dry items, then open the vacuum valve and vacuum pump power, This extends the life of the vacuum pump.

5. Dry items such as moisture, then the vacuum box and the vacuum pump is best to join between the filter, to prevent moisture into the vacuum pump, causing vacuum pump failure.

6. Dry items such as dry and changed to light weight, small size (for small particles), should be working in the vacuum suction port plus blocking network to prevent damage to the dry matter inhalation vacuum pump (or solenoid valve).

7. After repeated use of the vacuum box, can not produce vacuum phenomenon, this time should replace the door seal or adjust the box door buckle out distance to solve.When the vacuum box drying temperature is higher than 200 ℃, will Resulting in slow leak phenomenon, then open the box behind the cover with an Allen wrench to loosen the heater base, replace the seal or tighten the heater base to solve.

8. Release valve rubber stopper if the rotation is difficult, can be coated with the right amount of grease lubrication (such as Vaseline)

9. In addition to maintenance, can not open the left side of the box cover, so as not to damage the electrical control system.

10. Vacuum boxes should always be kept clean. Do not use the door glass glass with a chemical reaction solution, wipe with a soft cotton cloth.

11. If the vacuum box is not used for a long time, the exposed parts of the plating will be wiped with neutral oil to prevent corrosion, and put on the plastic film dust cover, placed in a dry room, so as not to damage the electrical components, use.

12. Vacuum box without continuous use of the suction, you should first close the vacuum valve, and then turn off the vacuum pump power, or vacuum pump oil to pour into the box.

Vacuum drying oven composition and working principle:

Electrostatic vacuum oven shell by the sheet metal stamping folding, welding molding, shell surface using high-intensity electrostatic spray coating process, the film is smooth and firm.The studio is made of carbon steel or stainless steel plate folding welding, the studio and the shell Between the filling insulation cotton.There is a sample inside the studio shelf, used to place a variety of test items, the studio wall surrounded by mica heater.Gate seal with silicone rubber seal, the door is equipped with a door The vacuum chamber of the electric vacuum oven is controlled by the electromagnetic valve, and the electrical box is on the left side or the lower part of the cabinet. The front panel of the electrical box is equipped with vacuum gauge, temperature control instrument and control switch, Electrical box with electrical components.

Vacuum oven can be used as an ordinary electric box?

Can not be used as an ordinary thermostat, because not safe.Electrical drying oven at the bottom of the hole with fresh air to open the hole, the top of the studio has a ventilation adjustment port, the gas can be heated from the natural gas discharge adjustment chamber work, work The chamber is an unsealed vessel and therefore subject to a very small amount of gas pressure differential.The chamber of an electro-thermal vacuum oven has a very good airtightness due to its negative atmospheric pressure, and if it is heated in a vacuum- , The expansion of the working chamber gas may be due to break through the observation window toughened glass or containers and explosion.

Vacuum drying oven first vacuum heating and then heating reasons:

1, if the first heating and then vacuum the program operation, the heated air pumped out by the vacuum when the heat will inevitably be brought to the vacuum pump up, resulting in vacuum pump temperature rise is too high, it may reduce the efficiency of the vacuum pump.

2, the heated gas is guided vacuum gauge, vacuum gauge will have a temperature rise.If the temperature rise exceeds the vacuum gauge specified temperature range, it may cause the vacuum gauge to show the value of the error. Correct use It should be vacuum and then heating temperature to be reached after the rated temperature, if found to reduce the vacuum and then add the appropriate pumping about this to extend the service life of the device is beneficial.

3, the workpiece into the vacuum box vacuum is to remove the workpiece material can be removed in the gas composition.If the first heating of the workpiece, the gas will heat when the expansion of the vacuum box sealing is very good, inflated gas generated by This is a potential hazard, which can be avoided by operating the vacuum heating and heating program.