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Product code: -12331500030
Unit price 4-4.63$
Sold quantity 100649
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Product parameters:

  • Perfume Category: Seat Perfume
  • Brand: Rosekey / Luo decorated odd
  • Model Number: 336
  • Color Category: smiling doll + blue sunflower 'buy one get six send smiley doll + red sunflower' buy one get six 'smile doll + blue sun flower' buy one get six 'smile doll + red sun flower' buy one get six 'Smile doll + green sun flower' buy one get six send smiley doll + blue bee 'buy one get six get one' smooth sail 'apple' + blue sun flower 'buy one get six' smooth sail 'apple' + red sun flower ' Buy a send six get a 'crystal ball' + blue flower smooth sailing 'crystal ball' + blue flower life safe 'crystal ball' + blue flower horse to the success of 'crystal ball' + blue flowers smooth sailing 'crystal ball' + safflower life safe ' Crystal ball '+ safflower horse to the success of' crystal ball '+ safflower hand life' crystal ball '+ safflower
  • Fragrance: Other
  • Fragrance: citrus lemon flavor apple perfume peach rose jasmine sweetener lavender lily sandalwood other
  • Net content: 5mL or less
  • Material: Others
  • Shape: Other