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Wireless WIFI Cloud Terminal N480W | Computer Terminal | Computer Sharing |

Wireless WIFI Cloud Terminal N480W | Computer Terminal | Computer Sharing |
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: qinglian
  • Model: N480W
  • Network Device Type: Computer Trailer Card

The company provides factory paperless work instructions (E-SOP)
Multimedia teaching application software
Virtualized desktop management solutions

We solemnly promise:

This wireless WIFI cloud terminal products N480W seven days package returned, three months Baohuan, one year warranty, a strong after-sales service team, please need friends to buy.

Wireless WIFI N480 is now a large number of arrival, there can be connected to the cable, but also support the wireless, the specific price is as follows:

N480WIFI wireless version built-in 150M wireless network card with antenna is special 220 yuan. Large friends can also be discounted Oh!

N480 terminal product parameters are as follows:

Processor (CPU) ----- frequency up to 800HZ

Large RAM ------ memory up to 128M

Large storage ------ FLASH to 128M

Wireless card ------- built-in 150M with antenna

Leading system ------ WINDOS CE 6.0

Ultra-high color ------ local support to 24 true colors

These configurations are enough to allow customers to deal with the basic business handy, then friends, you have encountered more than the value of the computer is still cheap!

Wireless WIFI N480 Product Description:

The hardware includes:

Outer packaging carton wireless WIFI N480 new original power supply to the external antenna product back bracket {can be fixed in the back of the display can also be fixed at the bottom of the table} multi-user installation CD-ROM quick installation manual warranty card certificate.

The style of this product has two patterns for customers to choose, beautiful design allows customers to stay in a pleasant mood when the office.

The interface of the product is: VGA (monitor interface) one, wireless WIFI interface one. USB interface three (two of which are connected USB keyboard and mouse, another one can access U disk or mobile hard disk) RJ45 (cable interface) a, headset And a headset, a power supply hole, a power switch.

Customers for each additional computer, it is necessary to add a N480 device, a monitor, a set of keyboard and mouse.

Special Note:

This product is a purely office and learning a product, if you want to play a large game customers do not buy this one, you can consider the N800 machine, this product only supports some small games (such as the system comes with the game And QQ this kind of chess game is no problem) This product does not support full-screen movies, if the small screen movies can see, full-screen movie will account for a card, not smooth.





CLG7700 800MHz

With ARM11



128MB / 256MB



128M / 2G

input Output


USB 2.0

PS / 2


x 1

X 3 can be expanded again

You can use conversion line conversion

Can expand three

The internet




X 1 (10/100 Base-T Fast Ethemet, RJ-45)

Optional usb 802.11b / g wireless module wake on LAN

Extensible Bluetooth 2.0



Up to 1440 * 900 * 32-bit true color, 60HZ




-Output 1/8-inch mini, full 16-bit stereo

-Input 1/8-inch, 8-bit mini microphone

Package size

size and weight

Terminal Box: 140 mm (L) x 140 (W) x 65 mm (H) / 0.5 kg

power supply



Worldwide auto-sensing 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Less than 10 watts power usage

working environment



0 ℃ -40

20% to 80% non-condensing

Two product introduction

1. About Arm 11 architecture.

ARMv6 architecture is based on the next generation of consumer electronics, wireless devices, network applications and automotive electronics products such as the development of the ARM11 media processing power and low power consumption characteristics, especially for wireless and consumer electronics products; its high data Throughput and high performance combination is very suitable for network processing applications; In addition, real-time performance and floating point processing, etc. ARM11 can meet the needs of automotive electronics applications.

ARM11 processor is designed to effectively provide high-performance processing capabilities to be emphasized here is that ARM is not not designed to run at higher frequencies of the processor, but in the processor can provide ultra-high performance At the same time, but also to ensure that the power, area of ​​the effectiveness of ARM11 excellent pipeline design is an important guarantee for these functions.

ARM11 processor pipeline and the previous ARM core, which consists of eight pipelines, compared to the previous ARM core to improve the throughput of at least 40%. 8-stage pipeline can make eight instructions at the same time be executed.

2. About WIN CE 6.0

Windows CE 6.0 is Microsoft's latest embedded operating system, is Microsoft's first introduction to the next generation file system ExFAT operating system, a significant change in the core address and resource allocation mechanism, the old CE at the same time only 32 procedures Among the 32MB virtual memory space allocated, 6.0 can execute 32,000 programs at the same time, and each program can have independently allocated 2GB virtual memory. At the same time, the core service, the hardware device driver, the window drawing and the event child Systems, file systems and other services have been transferred to the system to retain the core space.
Hardware development can be more easily in the Windows CE environment for a variety of network voice communications services. Windows CE 6.0 extends beyond the previous version of the sum of the commitment, these features include the latest multimedia capabilities, such as Windows Media 10/11 support Direct support for 802.11i, WAP2, 802.11e (wireless QoS), Bluetooth A2DP / AVRCP AES encryption, etc., for the wireless communication to establish a stable, secure and reliable application environment.

These features include the following:

■ Support for TIFF codecs
■ HD-DVD decoder support
■ MPEG-2 decoder
■ More audio and video coding and format support
■ UDF 2.5 format support
■ Virtual surround channel support
■ Multi-track sound support
■ Enhanced DirectDraw to support interlaced display mode for TV use
■ USB OTG function to join, can be used as a USB control.

Function and development application

A. Used as a terminal

Support RDP remote desktop applications in the office

You only need to install a better performance of the host, the application of Microsoft's own RDP protocol, or LINUX's XRDP, N480 can easily transform into a good office computer.

Fully share the host software and hardware resources, significant savings in hardware procurement costs, and software costs.

Application of N480 excellent hardware capabilities, you can achieve 1440 * 900 widescreen resolution, and 32-color high-fidelity picture. Basic office space, library, reading room, etc., can be easily resolved. Three years to save the hardware and software costs , As well as electricity, up to 80%.

480 has a strong kernel, and a diversified support for the WIN CE 6.0 R3 system. Of course, the performance alone Good, low power consumption, high integration, less maintenance, low cost, so that in many industries can replace industrial products and host. The following simple examples can explain the industry:

In the application of a la carte

Now most of the a la carte system, are using a lower configuration of the motherboard or the price of the industrial board to achieve, which virtually increased a lot of maintenance costs and maintenance time. Also increased the cost of sales. The N480 support FLASH, PNG and other software, as well as support for touch screen and small ticket printer enough to deal with the N480 itself installed CE version of the la carte system. CE 6 consumption rate is extremely low, running more fluid.

Support for Bluetooth, WIFI

The application on the advertising machine

Now most of the ads, using the decoder board program, often need to customize the function of customization, and if you want to increase their function, such as fixed to open a page, you can only do nothing, this time, to the CE 6 of the N480, you can Let you think of these ideas easily Including the elevator in the demonstration machine.

Show instructions for production on the production line

Now a lot of factories, personnel keep changing, the product is also a greater change, and now the outsourcing of processing profits are getting lower and lower, the fight is the time, a product off the assembly line, to immediately change the product on the line. Out of the operation guide, and then the entire assembly line by way of replacement of the work method, has long been old and backward.More scientific method is particularly important.

The use of computer host, high power consumption, easy maintenance.

Use advertising machine, high cost, can not customize the desired content, can not support PDF, PPF and other documents.

Use the digital photo frame, can not control the host.

While the N480 is satisfied, low cost, low power consumption, small size, can support all the features of WINDOWS software, but also in the host control hundreds of N380 terminal below,


The manager can design the work instructions in the remote design and display the plan

Managers can send notifications to different production lines remotely

Support the production line special point of multiple types of work, the automatic replacement of instructions

Each production line leader can also modify the display program according to the specific circumstances

The number of screens on the production line can be expanded according to actual needs

According to the actual operation of the production line for custom function development

The format of the guide book: picture, word, Excel, PPT, PDF, video and other cells

In the production line of data acquisition applications

Data acquisition terminal? Now on the market handheld data collection, low is five or six thousand, high on the million. Built-in WIN CE 6.0 system, can be transmitted through WIFI or Bluetooth.

And these features, N480 readily available, connected to the scanner, Bluetooth or WIFI, you can transfer data normally, of course, you can also use the cable transmission. Safe, efficient, easy to operate. Bar code directly transmitted to the host.

In cash register applications

Supermarket cash register, in the eyes of many ordinary people is a very high-end, very technical content of the machine, in fact, which only joined a lower configuration board to support small ticket printing, support cash register system, Keyboard and mouse, is enough, and these N480 can be achieved.

N480 with extended COM port support, you can support small ticket printing and connecting digital screen.

Only need to install the cash register software, everything is so simple to achieve.

And the cost is greatly reduced by us, maintenance is almost reduced to 0.

Who can not accept such a program?

In hospital clinics

The trend of medical modernization can not be stopped, and now more and more hospitals, clinics and so on, a large number of applications of the computer, the doctor can easily browse the patient's medical records, and make guidance.Therefore, patients can enter their own physical log online, You can always see the doctor's opinion. Paper medical history will always become history.

N480 low power consumption, low maintenance and multi-environment adaptability, as well as touch screen and printer support, can easily do the job, cloud terminal easy to manage, you can call the information in the database at any time. The documents and so on.

In the query machine on the application

Inquiry machine is essential in the present life, the library book inquiries, the station, the airport flight information, hospitals, supermarkets, a variety of services such as the Office of the Guide, query machine brings more and more convenience. These inquiries are generally fixed in the lobby of a certain point of view, work to open the electricity, he automatically boot, off work off, he disconnected, but also to achieve low noise, low maintenance, low power consumption. N480 can support PDF and other documents open, support IE full-screen display, support FLASH smooth playback, support 720I video. And do all this, As long as the 5W power consumption.

The whole IC patch integration, no matter how many times you inadvertently power, can not damage the hardware. Is this not exactly what you want?

Other applications, secondary development capabilities

Above is only on the N480 application of very few examples, with a business vision of you, must have thought of a lot of areas can be applied, yes, you can always contact us, we have a strong secondary hardware and software development capabilities, you think of you Tell me We use low cost to help you achieve.