WIFI wireless cloud terminal N480W | Computer terminals | Computer Sharer | Computer delayed more | Client

WIFI wireless cloud terminal N480W | Computer terminals | Computer Sharer | Computer delayed more | Client

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Qing Union
  • Model: N480W
  • Network Equipment Type: computer tractor cards

The company provides factory paperless work instructions (E-SOP)
Multimedia Applications
Virtual desktop management solutions

The Company solemn promise:

This WIFI wireless cloud terminal products N480W seven days package returned, three months shifting, one year warranty, has a strong after-sales service team, a friend in need, please rest assured purchase.

Wireless WIFI N480 is now a large number of arrival, there can be connected a network cable, but also wireless-specific prices are as follows:

N480WIFI wireless version of the built-in wireless card 150M-band antennas are special 220 yuan. The same amount of friends you can offer Oh!!

N480 terminal Product parameters are as follows:

Processor (CPU) ----- speeds up to 800HZ

Large memory to 128M of RAM ------

Large storage ------ FLASH reach 128M

Built-in wireless card ------- band antenna 150M

Leading systems ------ WINDOS CE 6.0

Ultra-high color ------ local support to 24-bit true color

The basic configuration is sufficient to allow customers to handle the affairs of handy, then friends, you come across this cheaper than the value of the computer you! What are you waiting!

Wireless WIFI N480 Product Description:

The hardware includes:

Outer carton Wireless WIFI N480 new original power omnidirectional external antenna product back bracket {behind the display can be fixed, may be fixed at the bottom of the table below} multi-user installation CD-ROM Quick Install manual warranty card certificate and other.

This product has two styles for customers to choose patterns, beautiful patterns allow customers to work when being in a happy mood among.

Product interfaces: VGA (display interface) a wireless WIFI interface to a USB interface, three (two of which are connected to USB keyboard and mouse, the other one can take U disk or removable hard disk) RJ45 (cable interface) one headset. and one each headset, a power jack, a power switch.

Each additional customer out of a computer, a piece of equipment is necessary to increase the N480, a monitor, a keyboard and mouse.

Special Note:

This product is a pure office and study of a product, if customers do not want to play the big game to buy this one, consider N800 machines, this product supports only some small game (such as the system comes with the game and QQ kind of chess game is not a problem) This product does not support full-screen movies, if you can see a small movie screen, a full-screen movies will account posted a card, not smooth.





CLG7700 800MHz

With ARM11



128MB / 256MB



128M / 2G

input Output


USB 2.0

PS / 2


x 1

x 3 can be further extended a

You can use the conversion line conversion

Scalable out of three

The internet




x 1 (10/100 Base-T Fast Ethemet, RJ-45)

Optional usb 802.11b / g wireless module wake on LAN

Extensible Bluetooth 2.0



Up to 1440 * 900 * 32-bit true color, 60HZ




-Output 1/8-inch mini, full 16-bit stereo

-Input 1/8-inch, 8-bit mini microphone

Package size

size and weight

Terminal Box: 140mm (L) x 140 (W) x 65mm (H) /0.5kg

power supply



Worldwide auto-sensing 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Less than 10 watts power usage

working environment




20% to 80% non-condensing

2 Product Introduction

1. About Arm 11 architecture.

ARMv6 architecture is based on the needs of the next generation of consumer electronics, wireless devices, network applications, and automotive electronics products and the development of ARM11 media processing capabilities and low power consumption, especially for wireless and consumer electronics; its high data throughput and performance combination is ideal for network processing applications; in addition, also in terms of real-time performance and floating-point processing ARM11 meet the automotive electronics applications.

ARM11 processor in order to effectively provide high-performance processing power design. It should be emphasized here is that, ARM is not designed to run on the processor can not be a higher frequency, but, in the processor to provide ultra-high performance At the same time, but also to ensure that power, the effectiveness of the area. ARM11 excellent pipeline design is important to ensure that these functions.

ARM11 processor lines and different previous ARM cores, which consists of eight lines composition, increased by at least 40% of the throughput than previous ARM cores. 8 8 pipeline enables instructions to be executed simultaneously.

2. About WIN CE 6.0

Windows CE 6.0 is Microsoft's latest embedded operating system, Microsoft is introducing the first next-generation file system ExFAT operating system, dramatically changed the core mechanism for addressing and resource allocation, same time older CE only 32 program execution 32MB of virtual memory space allocated to each, 6.0 maximum 32,000 procedures performed simultaneously, and each program can have 2GB of virtual memory allocated independently, at the same time, core services, hardware device driver, windows drawing and event promoter systems, file systems and other services have been transferred to the core of the system reserved space.
Can be more easily carried out on a hardware development environment on Windows CE various networks and voice communications services. Windows CE 6.0 extends beyond the sum of the previous version of the commitments, which include the latest multimedia capabilities, such as support for Windows Media 10/11 direct support 802.11i, WAP2, 802.11e (wireless QoS), Bluetooth A2DP / AVRCP AES encryption, etc., the establishment of a stable, secure and reliable application environment for wireless communications.

These features include the following items:

■ TIFF codec support
■ Decoder supports the HD-DVD
■ MPEG-2 decoder
■ More video encoding and format support
■ UDF 2.5 format support
■ support virtual surround channels
■ multitrack audio support
■ strengthen DirectDraw, supports interlaced display modes using TV
■ USB OTG function added as a control terminal of USB.

III. Functions and expand the application

a. used as a terminal

Support RDP remote desktop application in office

You only need to assemble a better performance of the host application that comes with Microsoft RDP protocol, or LINUX-XRDP, N480 can easily transform into a good office computer.

Fully shared hosting software and hardware resources, significant savings in hardware acquisition costs and software costs.

Applications N480 excellent hardware capabilities, it can achieve 1440 * 900 widescreen resolution, and 32-bit color fidelity images. The basic office, library, reading room, etc., can be easily resolved. Three years of hardware and software cost savings , as well as electricity, up to 80%.

480 has a strong core, and a wide range of support WIN CE 6.0 R3 system. Of course, in terms of performance alone Good, low power consumption, high integration, low maintenance, low cost, so that in many industries can replace industrial products and host the following simple example to illustrate the industry can be applied:

Application of a la carte

Now most of the a la carte system, are using older motherboard or the high price of industrial control panels to achieve, so that virtually adds a lot of maintenance costs and maintenance time will also increase the cost of sales, while the N480 support FLASH, PNG and other software, and support for touch-screen and small ticket printer. enough to deal with the N480 itself is mounted CE version of a la carte system. CE 6 is extremely low resource consumption rate, run more smoothly.

Bluetooth, WIFI

Application of advertising machine

Now most of the advertising, using decoders program often features require custom cured, and if you want to increase their own functions, such as fixed open a Web page, you can do nothing, and this time, flocked to the CE N480 6, you can Let you easily these ideas. Of course, the package Including elevator demo machine.

In the display operation of the production line instructions

Many factories now keep shifting, personnel, products are also larger changes, and now the outsourcing process more low-profit, is the time to fight, a product off the assembly line, the product line must be replaced immediately, while the A4 paper used in the past the operating instructions, working methods and then one by one replace the entire pipeline, has long seemed outdated. more scientific approach is particularly important.

Use mainframe computer, high-power bulky, difficult to maintain.

The use of advertising, high cost, can not customize the desired content, we can not support PDF, PPF and other documents.

Use digital photo frame, the host can not control.

The N480 is satisfied, low cost, low power, small size, can support all the features of WINDOWS software. And can control the following hundreds of N380 terminal on the host,


Managers can be displayed on the remote design plans and operating instructions issued plans

Management may apply to different production lines issued a notice in the remote

To support the production lines of a special multi-point types, automatically replace the guide book

The head of each production line can also be modified according to the specific circumstances show

Number of screen production line can be extended according to actual needs

Custom functions can be used to develop the production line according to the actual operation mode

Guide book format: image, word, Excel, PPT, PDF, and other format video

Data acquisition applications in production line

Data collection terminal? Handheld data collection, the lower five or six thousand, is high on the yuan. Built WIN CE 6.0 system, through WIFI or Bluetooth transmission on the market today.

These features, ranging N480, connected scanner, Bluetooth or WIFI, the normal transmission of data can, of course, also possible to use the wire. Secure, efficient and easy to operate. There are also many factories directly N480 features of RDP scan after the bar code directly transferred to the host.

Application in terms of the cash register

Supermarket cash register, in the eyes of many ordinary people is a very upscale, very technical content of the machine, in fact, which only added a configuration of the lower board, support for small ticket printing, cash register systems support, support for dual displays, keyboard and mouse, it is sufficient, and these can be achieved N480.

N480 with extended support COM port, you can connect and support for small ticket printing digital screen.

Only need to install the cash register software, everything is so simple to implement.

And we have been greatly reduced cost, the amount of maintenance is almost reduced to zero.

Who can not accept such a scheme?

Application of the hospital clinic

Modern medical unstoppable trend, more and more hospitals, clinics, etc., a large number of computer applications, doctors can easily browse patient's medical history, and make guidance while the patient can put his body to the web log was entered, You can always see a doctor see Italy. to paper records will always be history.

N480 low power consumption, low maintenance and ability to adapt to multiple environments, and support for touch-screen and printer, you can easily do the job, easy to manage cloud terminal, you can always call the information in the database may also be required for the timely sharing documents and the like.

Application of Inquiring Machine

Kiosk essential in the present life, books library research, railway stations, airport flight information, hospitals, supermarkets, various guides and other services business lobby, kiosk brings more convenience while these kiosks are generally fixed on a certain point of the hall, open electrical work, he automatically turn power off from work, he disconnected. and to achieve low noise, low maintenance and low energy consumption. Contractors are described for this twist their brains, the effect is achieved, and the cost has increased. in fact, everything need not be so complicated, N480 can support open PDF and other documents to support IE full screen display, smooth playback support FLASH, support 720I video. and to do all this, Just 5W power consumption.

IC integrated whole patch, no matter how many times you inadvertently power, they can not damage hardware. Is not that what you want?

Other applications, secondary development

These are just a few examples of N480 on the application, you have a business vision, we must think of the many areas that can be applied, yes, you can always contact us, we have a strong secondary development capabilities of hardware and software, you put your thought tell me , We help you achieve low cost.