Edible insects ingredients

Edible insects ingredients

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As the saying goes, Food. As will eat eat Chinese people understand, how can forgo any kind of food it?

You would not think, normally, in our opinion mundane, commonplace insects, today was actually able to openly side table, become another memorable delicacies we? Re innovative cuisine, we found that people now the table is not simply to solve food and clothing for people to use, but to solve the food and clothing also can supply the body's energy and nutrition play a role in health care.

Tenebrio mealworms common name for Coleoptera tenebrionis families powder A genus of insects larvae Tenebrio high nutritional value, the larvae containing 56.58% crude protein, fat 28.56%, pupae containing 57% crude protein, crude protein 64% of adults Insects active protein not only contains a lot of the human body has a special role of chitin, defensin antimicrobial peptides and lectin; amino acids and proteins, free amino acids, vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients, and consistent with the body's normal ratio, it is easy to absorb and utilize a protein which is 7.8 times the total amount of meat;. free amino acid content of about 50 to 100 times a mammal, is 11 times the milk, exceeding FAA / WHO made The reference value of 40%; the content of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K-soluble B vitamins is extremely rich in vitamin B1 is 15 times the milk, vitamin B2 is 1800 times the milk, vitamin B6 is 52 times the milk. In addition, having a constant mineral elements calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and the like; trace mineral elements iron, zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt, chromium, selenium, boron, iodine and other rich content of nutrients than milk and meat have more. It has rich human body needs eight kinds of amino acids, the protein content, phosphorous, iron, sodium, calcium and major elements and trace elements of milk and meat than many of its nutrient-rich, can improve human immunity, anti- fatigue, aging, lower cholesterol, enhance physical fitness, cancer and other effects.

Tenebrio SOD extracted inside as anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, whitening and other cosmetic effect precedence over existing market products, research and development of insect chitin granules to the latest anti-cancer drugs, such as Japan recently developed anti-cancer drugs 'saved more good' is extracted from chitin in Tenebrio Tenebrio powder made by food (bread, cakes, etc.) taste fresh, nutritious; overseas famous biological products business are used to produce nutritional supplements Tenebrio .

Currently, the capital, and a diet of fresh air blowing large counties, there are a lot of people flocked to the restaurant to eat 'meal worms'. They believe that such foods can increase nutrition can also beauty. Usually they are afraid of bugs, once placed in the the restaurant's plate, it seems to be cast a mysterious light. But perhaps some people think, the connected these creeping insects with a delicious, health, beauty, is a very bizarre thing. NA me, eat 'insects meal 'in the end have nay benefits? say it beauty, in the end there is no reason for this? expert Professor Wang Guangya with Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine Institute of Nutrition, told reporters, pupae quite rich in protein, because it goes to the adult insect We must have sufficient proteins evolved, so pupa vegetables, are rich in protein.

Food Jiangnan University Institute of Zoology with the Chinese, one of the discipline's most prestigious universities nutritious foods, you can not invade the body from nature a bacterium insects scouring out an active nutritious protein, and successfully developed its raw materials for the natural nontoxic fourth generation of health care products - insects active protein which is rich in chitin, peptide, fatty liver 'Fukki disease' civilization disease 'can strengthen the liver function was inhibited. , get rid of toxins and excess fat in the liver, liver cells and liver tissue activation. Because the liver is provided with protein metabolism, causing decreased plasma protein insect liver needs protein to supplement the activity of proteins, regulate the liver needs protein supplement in the active protein, regulating protein metabolism. In addition, insects active protein can also remove excess bad cholesterol, lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, improve microcirculation, purify the blood, so that a variety of complications, recovery and prevention of insect activity of protein is the fourth generation of health care products, is popular tech natural nutrition world.

A professor at Zhongshan University Institute of Entomology, also pointed out that insect nutrition is very rich indeed, insects rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, chitin (chitin), vitamins, trace elements, nutrients and other biologically active substances, particularly valuable is that there are many nutrients are insect specific protein content insects not only many times over poultry meat, and poultry fat content than many low, does not cause elevated cholesterol levels after eating. In addition, insects have a very Good health effects, and some can even cure. Many women diners because these pupae are rich in protein, it attracted and food, which as their namely health, and beauty of the best. If you like food, like adventures , and meal worms meal NA me to meet all your curiosity

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