LG42-inch Ultra-Narrow splicing | 6mm HD display | KTV Bar Meeting Room | LCD splicing Screen

LG42-inch Ultra-Narrow splicing | 6mm HD display | KTV Bar Meeting Room | LCD splicing Screen

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Bai Rong ICT
  • Model: BLC42C-A2

Due to the special nature of this product, each cycle a finished product requires testing to confirm eligibility before shipment, so the shipment cycle from one day to 10 days in duration, it is recommended to contact customer service consultation models shipping cycle.

The company is located in Guangzhou Tianhe bustling commercial district, fully qualified, have more than one thousand square feet large factories, the product is imported from Korea original screen, high quality, courteous service! Always welcome to come to see the kind of demonstration effect!

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This product is LG42 inch patchwork of bilateral 12MM Ultra Narrow LCD splicing screen bare screen bare screen is a genuine LG panel, use the customer warranty expired, due to human or weather damage to the screen needs to be replaced, and why we will upload naked screen, because some customers replace screen inconvenient bank transfers, so our bare baby also upload screen to allow some customers to deal directly Taobao , So please consult before buying this baby Advisory Service is applicable.

product description:

long life:
Low maintenance cost liquid crystal display device is the longest service life of its own very long life, even the life of the shortest part of the backlight, and up to 50,000 hours, but even with over such a long period of time, it will only affect its brightness, just replace the backlight lamp, you can restore the original bright colors. this projection is a difference between the nature of the LCD backlight life is ten times the projection bulb, and their advantages and disadvantages without saying .
Viewing angle:
For early LCD products, the viewing angle restricting LCD once a big problem, but with the advances in LCD technology, has completely solved the problem. LCD splicing wall using IPS LCD screen, the viewing angle can reach more than double 178 degrees, has reached an absolute perspective effect.
High Resolution:
Bright screen liquid crystal plasma is much smaller than the dot pitch, the physical resolution can easily meet and exceed the high-definition standard, LCD brightness and contrast are high, colorful and bright, BSV LCD splicing technology to achieve pure flat display completely curvature, image stabilization does not blink.
Slim and lightweight:
Liquid crystal has a thin, light weight, easy to install and splice. 40-inch LCD Screen, weighs only 12.5KG, the thickness of less than 10 cm, which is the other display devices can not match.
Power consumption:
One-third of low heat. The liquid crystal display device, low power, low fever has been for people to call Road. Small-size LCD panel power less than 35W, 40-inch LCD screen, its power is only 150W or so, only about plasma to quarter.
Trouble-free for a long time:
Low maintenance cost is stable and reliable liquid crystal display device, since the heat is very small, the device is very stable, not because of damage caused by high temperature components malfunction.

Product Features:

1. New original LG Industrial mosaic screen, stable performance, service life of up to 60,000 hours.
2. M × N splicing flexible, to meet the user freedom of choice, which can be done as many as 15 lines of 15.
3. The screen can be full screen display wall, display any combination of single-screen display, to meet a variety of user mode.
4. The ultra-narrow border design, physical patchwork only 4.9mm, nice.
5. High brightness, high color gamut, high contrast, guarantees a perfect display.
6. 16.7M colors, faithful reproduction of every detail.
7. 8ms response speed, to avoid smearing, smooth playback.
8. 10bit chip image processing technology, 3D digital filtering and 3D digital noise reduction technology.
9. The viewing angle of 178 ° or more, and all-round viewing.
10. The military grade components, support 24 hours × 365 days of uninterrupted work.
11. By controlling the software switch, signal switch, a mode switch, Chinese menu, and efficient management.
12. Support a variety of signal input, to meet various application requirements.
13. The low-power, zero radiation, image stabilization, no effect on the eyes, and environmental health.
14. A steel frame, tough structure, moisture earthquake, is particularly suitable for supporting the use of equipment susceptible to electromagnetic interference.
15. diversification installation, rackmount, wall-mounted, floor stand, embedded, mobile stent, not restricted by space.
16. aging production line more than 24 hours, to ensure product stability.


1, the warranty period of one year, one year free maintenance [man-made damage (burned, broken, bruised, broken, irreparable damage such as flooding and more obvious the appearance of damage) except].

2, life-long maintenance, provide spare parts at cost price. You are ready to solve any difficult problems encountered in the course of 48 hours for customers to resolve product quality issues [man-made damage (burned, broken, crushed, damage, flooding and other damage and irreparable damage to the appearance of the more obvious)] except for a 24-hour remote technical support