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Peacock feather crafts feather samples home decorative ornaments

Peacock specimen is very suitable for a variety hall lobby, conference room, living room placed inside the home, elegant style. The company produced more than five years using specimens Peacock Peacock Productions, peacock specimens full-length 100cm-210cm. Stance. This form of specimens for home, office, exhibition halls and other place!
Peacock: Peacock has nine German: 1, Yan Maung 2 correct, clear voice 3, line step sequence Xiang 4, sometimes known as 5, diet knowledge section 6, 7 contentment often read, do not disperse 8, 9 is not obscene, known repeatedly. Peacock used to represent the civilized world, we have very good; also on behalf of officials of the Italian paradise flycatcher: very bright feathers, ribbon and Sau euphony, meaning longevity indicates peacock is regarded as "the king of birds', is the most beautiful ornamental products. is auspicious, kind, beautiful, luxurious symbol.
Peacock specimens is my field using a unique technology, advanced technology, handmade crafts produced specimens having realistic style, different patterns, lifelike, non-toxic anti-corrosion, long shelf life and other characteristics. Symbolizes a bright future, backgammon, thriving developed, icing on the cake was intended. for home decoration, office furnishings, vitality doubled, pleasing, graced, greatly enhance the artistic quality as a gift noble, elegant, rare, is on the grade, the price is cheap, the effect of non- cigarettes, alcohol can be compared. So the peacock specimen is home decoration, gift Need
Peacock is regarded as 'the king of birds', it is one of the world's high value rare birds, the most beautiful ornamental birds, is auspicious, kind, beautiful, luxurious symbol.
There are two peacocks, a way of life in South Asia, called Blue Peacock; another life in China's Yunnan Xishuangbanna and Southeast Asia, called the green peacock green peacock male body length of 2.3 m (including the tail screen about 1.5 meters). plumage is very beautiful, there are green, bright green, blue, purple, brown, more with a metallic luster. On top of the head with a long crest erect clusters (sector), about 11 cm upper tail coverts extend into the end of the screen, There are five colors on gold emerald lined, dotted with many nearly circular eye like spots, eye-shaped spots outward from the purple, blue, green, brown, yellow, red 6 colors composition from within, especially when the opening screen is gorgeous. Jenny tailless screen, feather color is not bright. peacock like habitat in the foothills area, coastal or river nearby farmland, foraging seeds, berries and other food, sometimes eat small insects.
As a decorative handicrafts, natural peacock specimens town house from evil spirits can not only beautify the environment, but also enhance the master's artistic taste. As a gift, it is noble, rare because the peacock Mishina complement civilian sub-pattern Qing Dynasty robes on, so they have We wish to rise higher, meaning a better future.
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Zhai's insect Lianyungang Development Center
From "Peacock education section with insects knowledge column" reference
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