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Generation process

1. Artificial take pupa taken back to the hive with nylon gauze after its muffled, then smoked two minutes to 5 minutes in the smoke to get rid of hiding in a hive of individual bee sting into after removing the hive smoked unlock gauze . soil on the surface of the residue, bark and other impurities get pupa artificial methods are mainly two kinds: one is to use a small film clip was removed and the pupae port wall and remove individually pupae and larvae from the hive, and the other is to hive mouth burn down for 1 minute to 3 minutes in the fire, making pupae mouth burned wall membrane and expose the pupae head, then gently pat vibration make pupae and larvae off the cover from the room, the individual can not be exfoliated and then a small clip take. pupae removed after put clean bamboo Kei or pots. 2. saline wash pot, blanch the vegetables, pour some water and put into a small amount of salt, salt concentration of 2.5% to 3.3% and then pupae water boil, put stripping out of pupae, larvae into the boiling water 3 minutes to 5 minutes. As the pot small pupae were more divided into sub-after fish on boiled drained, spread thin on bamboo Kei 3. dry ( bake) after boiling water boiled dry after pupae should be promptly drained, spread thin bamboo dustpan in the sun to dry on the home, such as rainy days available fire drying, pupa water content should be controlled below 14%. also available in with dry (bake) on the basis of dry food fried twenty-three minutes remove and drain, so pupae look more smooth and bright color. 4. After dried before packaging pupae after processing, packaging needs to remove powder and debris, so that the shape complete, consistent size shriveled. selected in line with food hygiene standards in food bags, according to the 500 g, 250 g, 125 g of packaging specifications. inner bag should be sealed airtight, paste processing date, place dry storage or sale. pupae processed in accordance with picking → take pupa → → drying etc. boiled water (drying) → packaging process, to ensure the quality of its processing method is simple, easy to operate, the storage period of up to six months or more.

Pupae ruffle distinguish good or bad?

After the first pupae dried after processing, packaging, powder and the need to remove debris to make body integrity, consistent with the size of the shriveled. Selected in line with food hygiene standards in food bags, according to the 500 g, 250 g, 125 g of packaging specifications. Inner bag It should be sealed airtight, labeled processing date, place dry place for storage or sale.

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