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Digital multimeter Automatic anti-burn student home digital multi-meter manual range with buzzer

Digital multimeter Automatic anti-burn student home digital multi-meter manual range with buzzer
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Product parameters:

  • NO
  • Color Classification: 87B (without frequency temperature) 87C (with frequency temperature)
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works
  • Work: digital display
  • Accuracy: three and a half
  • Brand: MCH
  • Model: 87B

Product Details

Technical Parameters


1.This series is 3 1/2Digital manual multi-range multi-range switch overload protection and a unique design, making it more superior performance of the electrical instrumentation.

2.With a soft protective cover, improve the use of comfort, double insulation protection, protection of the fuselage, to give you a sense of security.

3.Ultra-clear LCD Display, large screen display, their clear, easy to read.

4.Fuselage bracket with the back of the fuselage design, can be adjusted at any time is necessary to measure the appropriate angle, the observation data more convenient.

Instructions for use

1.Test whether the multimeter is normal or not COM Hole, red test lead VΩ hole, table pen docking, enter the beep state, the value is001It can be said that the multimeter is

Normal, you can test the motherboard off.

2.Regardless of the use of any function, the black test leads are fixed to the terminals COM jack.

3.Measured voltage. DC voltage measurement, the battery voltage value is higher than the standard value of the product, this is the battery characteristics, do not know the measured voltage in the case, to use the range to

Measurement, and then according to the measured value to select the appropriate range gear.

4.Do not carry on the range switching with the electric current and the voltage range, do not carry on under the charged situation, specially with the big voltage high current situation, in order to avoid causes the switch to burn out.

packing list

Host x1, test pen x1, certificate x1, manual x1

Uses / Applications

87BSeries handheld digital multimeter is a full-featured, stable performance, novel structure, safe and reliable cost-effective handheld 3 1/2Bit digital multimeter with manual range.

Can be used for home, school, smelting, communications, manufacturing, petroleum, defense, power, chemical and other fields, suitable for measuring DC voltage /AC, resistance, capacitance, frequency,

Temperature, diode forward buck, crystal transistor parameters, is the circuit, power equipment maintenance, maintenance of the ideal tool.

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