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Machine Vision Applications (India)

'We are a leadingmachine vision solution provider & has seen tremendous growth over theyears and recognize as one of the leading and highly experienced machine visionsolution provider in India. We have a highly talented and skilledmultidisciplinary team of engineers with expertise in machine vision applicationsand a track record of offering solutions for challenging technical problems. Please find below some key highlight of the applications we areactively involved, however we are working in lot more applications.


Food/ Multigrain sorting

BalaJiMicroTechnologies comes with strong expertise & offers complete visionsolutions for this segment. we can support for the entire development of thesolution required or we shall also support for the portion of it. we havelucrative solution interms of high speed line scan CCD Image sensor'sfrom Truesense Imaging (Formerly Kodak) , large format lenses, HMI, LED's &Ejector Valves etc.


Medical/ Scientific Applications

BalaJiMicroTechnologies supports it customer's from Medical equipment industrythrough it's dedicated knowledge & experience in this segment. weoffers standard/ custom Medical Imaging solution as per specific needs in thelarge number of medical applications like: C-ARM, X-ray Imaging, GeneralRadiography and Dental X-ray to Angiography, Cardiology, DNA analysis. OurScientific applications includes: fluorescence, chemiluminescence, gelelectrophoresis, quantitative microscopy and astronomy, microscopy andbioscience applications etc.


Pharma Applications

Our Machine VisionSolutions are available for wide variety of applications in thissegment like: Blister inspection & liquid level verification, code/ batchprint inspection, tablet inspection etc. in the pharmaceutical industry.


FA/ Machine Vision Applications

With our broadportfolio, we are actively serving automated inspection applications, PCBInspection, Diamond measurement, Pencil inspection, colour analysis, sorting& many others etc


Intelligent Transportation Systems

we are one of theleading supplier of imaging solutions used in Intelligent TransportationSystems, Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) including trafficenforcement as well


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BalaJi MicroTechnologies is registered in India underIndian companies act 1955. We are self-financed and privately held company. weare a part of'B.B.GROUP OF COMPANIES'.

'We are a machine vision solution provider &recognized as a premier designer and leading supplier of high-performanceimaging systems and other imaging components for wide variety of applications. Our company core interest lies in security/ surveillance, Industrial/ machinevision and medical imaging domain.'

BalaJi MicroTechnologies has seen tremendous growth overthe years and recognize as one of the leading and highly experienced machinevision solution provider in India. We have a highly talented and skilledmultidisciplinary team of engineers with expertise in machine visionapplications and hardware and a track record of offering solutions forchallenging technical problems. We also cater our customer's with our largeportfolio of CCD/ CMOS Image Sensor's, Cameras, lenses & filters, accessories & other associated optics which is required to build completesystems.

We are specializedin CCD/ CMOS Cameras, USB Cameras, Smart Cameras, Industrial Camera, CustomCamera development, FrameGrabbers, CCD/ CMOS image sensors, Machine Visioncameras, 3d cameras, Scientific & Astronomy cameras, CameraLink Cameras, GigECameras, Digital Radiography cameras, Microscopy cameras, X-ray &Medical imaging cameras etc.

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