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I-rocks Ai Ruike KR-6260 game keyboard IK3-WE mechanical handle USB cable LOL Eric CF

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: I-Rocks KR6260
  • Packing volume: 450 * 177 * 30mm
  • Brand: I-Rocks
  • Model: KR6260
  • Package type: official standard
  • Yes No Mechanical keyboard: No
  • Gross weight: 920 g
  • Color classification: white packs 5 red black packs 5 white packs 3
  • Whether to support Plug and Play: support
  • Connection: Wired
  • Whether there are multimedia function keys: Yes
  • Interface type: USB PS / 2
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support
  • Whether the palm rest: None
  • Condition: New
  • After-sales service: Genius

Comparable to the mechanical keyboard i-rocks 6260 keyboard evaluation

There are a lot of game keyboard, and different gamers for the game keyboard needs are not the same.Some game keyboard in the custom buttons have a good performance, and some game keyboard is based on mechanical keyboard, advocate button No red.

I believe recently we have also seen some news, i-rocks introduced several new keyboard, one for the game keyboard, and this keyboard uses a thin film design, and anti-shock effect is very strong, up to 24 keys without red, almost Can be comparable with the mechanical keyboard.The keyboard model is the i-rocks 6260 gaming keyboard, the author of the previous two days fortunate enough to get this keyboard, the following for everyone to bring this keyboard evaluation.

Work solid i-rocks 6260 Appreciation of the appearance

Many game users are from the mechanical keyboard to start to understand i-rocks, but it also has a good performance in the thin-film keyboard, I believe we also know from the i-rocks WE package.

I-rocks 6260 gaming keyboard with 6402 before the packaging is similar to the main packaging mainly in black, packaging, the appearance of the keyboard, the user can at a glance the product.

I-rocks 6260 game keyboard has two colors, namely black and white, the user can according to their own preferences and computer desk colors to choose.

If you do not say it is a thin-film keyboard, we design from the keyboard is likely to think it is mechanical keyboard.Keyboard with a 104 key design, size 440x136x26mm, weight about 740 grams. Mechanical keyboard is not the difference between one of the reasons, not only increased the weight of the keyboard, the keyboard is more solid, but also increased the use of hand.

More practical 24 keys without red plus two mode switch

Understand the keyboard as a whole, the following details from everyone to introduce this keyboard.

The keyboard's F1-F12 key is closer to the main keyboard to facilitate the operation of the game user.Keyboard uses a more narrow frame design, reducing the size of the keyboard, so that the game user More portable.

Keyboard with a small back button and the design of the Enter key, the keyboard comes with two modes of use, namely the office mode and gaming mode. Normal mode keyboard does not use the change in the competitive game mode, the keyboard of the two WIN Key and the right side of the function keys are locked, to avoid the user's wrong press.

The keyboard also has a three-stage keyboard input speed switch, the user can press the upper right corner of the keyboard Mode button to switch.However, different interfaces, different functions, the USB interface, the keyboard only supports 13 characters per second input speed, In the PS / 2 interface, the keyboard supports third gear switch, respectively, 13 characters, 50 characters and 120 characters.

Keyboard, the back of the workmanship is also very good, the four corners of the keyboard are used pad design, played a very good non-slip effect.Keyboard also has a lot of waterproof holes, users do not worry about splashing water into the keyboard and keyboard failure. Tip, if too much water into a one-time, need to keyboard power, and then poured into the water, and so completely dry after use.)

I-rocks 6260 game keyboard exclusive use of POM steel material as a guide sleeve design axis, with the traditional thin-film keyboard used in the design of the crater is completely different.This design can be very good to ensure that the key press the stability of the keys More solid, does not appear poor contact and shaking the situation.

I-rocks 6260 keyboard test and summary

Through the above description, we have this keyboard has a profound understanding, especially the keyboard and the key cap design, we use the software and games on this keyboard for testing.

I-rocks 6260 game keyboard software testing

First of all, we use the software to test, we passed the test results on the map is not difficult to see the keyboard in the anti-button conflict on the excellent performance.I use the USB interface, the test results for the 12 keys without red, from the presentation of 13 Key difference of a key, but because my hands are limited, but the results believe that or let everyone satisfied.

I-rocks 6260 game keyboard game test

In the game, we first use the "King of Fighters 97" game to test it, this game for the keyboard anti-scatter effect is a good expression.In a few games test, the keyboard does not appear the slightest key conflict, and feel Is also very good, key rebound speed, the sound is small, very percussion.

I-rocks 6260 game keyboard game test

In the "King of Fighters 97" game test, we use "Live Soccer 2009" in the game test, the keyboard can be a good fake action, and press the four keys will not conflict. Feel in this game has been played, after nearly an hour of the game, the author did not appear fingers and wrist tired feeling, we can see the keyboard comfort is still very good.

Evaluation Summary: i-rocks 6260 gaming keyboard with a unique keycap design and practical mode switching effect, it is in line with current user needs for product diversification. Keyboard feel and function are very good, especially with a thin film design also Can support the 24 key does not conflict, which for the membrane keyboard is not a small breakthrough, i-rocks 6260 game keyboard is worth the majority of gamers have.