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Air-conditioning hole plastic clay | air-conditioned hole rubber mud | sealed clay |

Air-conditioning hole plastic clay | air-conditioned hole rubber mud | sealed clay |
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  • Brand: Le Jie Ya
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The shops sold by air conditioning accessories are, Gree, Midea and other original clay, to ensure that genuine. A friend in need can be photographed directly, shelf baby has goods, shipping will be random regardless of brand.

Use: Air-conditioning hole clay, to prevent rats, mosquitoes, insects, ants, but also rain water backflow indoors, generally a hole in a package is enough, because all the original accessories are so many components.

specification: The weight of large, the United States or other will be less, But a hole is completely enough, there are several air-conditioning at home to block a few packages, this thing is quite heavy postage will be more cost, Oaks do not sell that shop with a special little clay, because it is not enough to plug a hole.

Important note: The air-conditioning clay can not be played with the children of the plastic clay par , The clay is the industrial mud, in the hands can be made into various shapes, but it should be opened, The middle will be off at the powder off, (We have come across many brands of clay will have this phenomenon, which is a normal phenomenon) Read the comments on Taobao said that when you open the bag will have a very heavy smell, I do not know why other homes have this situation, our original glue basically does not exist such a situation, But in the hand to plug the hole when the hands will have a layer of oil the same thing, this is the cement in order to allow it to not harden and join the oil, After blocking the hole with a detergent wash more than you can wash, and this also belongs to the normal situation of authentic clay. Please rest assured that the purchase, rest assured that the use of, we guarantee that the sale of clay are brand air-conditioning original authentic clay , Thank you for your patronage.Other air conditioning plugs can be purchased with!