Genuine millet scales household electronic scales human scale health scale accurate weighing scales smart scales

Genuine millet scales household electronic scales human scale health scale accurate weighing scales smart scales

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Compatible Platform: ANDROID MIUI iOS
  • Brand: Xiaomi / millet
  • Model: Millet scales
  • Color Classification: intact (glass) 4 AA batteries sent through courier] [intact (glass) send 4 AA batteries [SF Express]

Millet intelligent scales supports Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and can be connected with the smart phone requires Android4.4, iOS7 above system support, weight range can be achieved 5KG-150KG, and the manufacturer is not China but millet rice information technology company, in terms of styling products it can be said with almost the same on that poster.

Millet sports APP-- let you become a moving curve curve

Open Millet sports App, you can view data at any time, the curve record physical changes, and clearly see their transformation process may also be based on BMI (body mass index), perform fitness program and diet adjustments. Every weighing will be stored on millet scales chip, up to 800 more

Unpacking ultra-white glass body exhibits fluorite-like luster

Simple, clean tile attitude Express the attitude of Aesthetics

Pro! See two-dimensional code yet, out of cell phone sweep the APP can be installed on, and super easy!

User-friendly design with three weight display mode can be selected are: pounds, pounds, kilograms

PS: millet scales, from the weight of 10 pounds, so there is no up to 10 pounds of weight is not displayed weight oh

Millet scales --100 grams, a cup of water can be perceived precision

Precision pressure sensor | Phone management family health

Even the most minor changes in body weight, for you are of great significance.
We chose the rugged good toughness steel, as the resilient material of the sensor, through strict production process and demanding process, to create a high-precision G sensor font. Moreover, in order to enhance the overall capability of precision, we rewrite traditional electronic measurement algorithm scales while using three calculation methods to ensure data in a short time to crawl more detail, make more accurate measurements, error value is lower than similar products more than doubled. the default display Chinese people

Habit of pounds as the unit of measurement, while providing kilograms, pounds, three units to choose from.

Every day is a nascent opportunity - perceive subtle changes in your body

Intelligence Automatic Identification - each family member

Ultra-white glass - body show fluorite-like luster

Brightness, auto-sensing - with comfortable light show you important change

To make you happy - each side of Seiko secret agents

You continue to progress - it is also

In the middle there are millet brand Logo, front panel LED lights built into the display,

1.5v 5 uses four AA batteries power supply.

Millet intelligent scales, color pure white, very lovable!