ThinkPad T400T410I T410S T420S T430SW500 notebook DVD burner

ThinkPad T400T410I T410S T420S T430SW500 notebook DVD burner

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: IBM 45N7457
  • Brand: ThinkPad
  • Model: 45N7457
  • Optical drive type: DVD-RW
  • Supported disc standards: CD-ROM CD-RW DVD + R DVD + RDL DVD + RW DVD-R DVD-R DVD-R DVD DVD-RW DVD-RW
  • Recording format: DVD-RW
  • Interface type: SATA
  • Maximum DVD burning speed: 8X
  • Condition: New
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops
  • Packaging volume: 16cm * 22.5cm * 3.5cm
  • Gross weight: 350g


Thinkpad notebook dedicated optical drive (thickness 9.5mm)

friendly reminder : The factory sold outside the original / built-in optical drive, due to the origin, manufacturers, production date, batch or appearance of different, does not guarantee and your first wife exactly the same, but ensure that the original outside / built-in optical drive. Built-in optical drive foundries are Lite, BenQ, Sony, LG, Samsung ... ... and other large and small different manufacturers.Many people think that the original must be more exactly the same as their original, this view is clearly incorrect The same type of external / internal optical drive may be manufactured by several foundries.Note: random delivery, the picture is for reference only, please prevail in kind)

Product Details: Thinkpad notebook ultra-thin built-in DVD burner

Applicable Brands: Thinkpad
Optical drive types: DVD burner
Optical drive interface:

SATA (Serial)

Optical drive thickness: 9.5mm
Optical drive loading mode: Tray type
Product packaging: Separate packaging
Warranty: Shop three bags, shop warranty 3 months.Taobao 30 days free maintenance on the basis of plus 60 days, which is 90 days, 90 days there are direct replacement of quality problems of new products.Note: There are quality problems within 30 days back and forth we have to bear the shipping, 30 days after the quality problems; shipping back and forth each bear half)

Applicable models: Thinkpad T400, T410, T410I , T410S , T420S , T430S notebook built - in DVD burner, X201, X220, X230, X230I pen Notebook base DVD burner.

1, Maximum DVD read speed 8X Maximum CD read speed 24X
, The maximum DVD write speed 8X maximum CD write speed 24X
Maximum double-layer disc write speed 6X
4, Description of DVD-RAM 5X, DVD + R 8X, DVD + R DL 6X, DVD-R DL 6X, DVD-R 8X
5, Maximum DVD copy speed 8X Maximum CD replication speed 24X
6, Reproduction times Description DVD + RW 8X, DVD-RW 6X, CD-RW 24X