Silicone u-shaped strip | high-temperature silicone seal | decorative strip of the door | glass steel edge of the package |

Silicone u-shaped strip | high-temperature silicone seal | decorative strip of the door | glass steel edge of the package |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jian Wei
  • Model: jw-gju
  • Color Category: Card slot 2mm Width 6mm Height 10mm Card slot 1.5mm Width 5mm Height 13mm Card slot 4mm Width 8mm Height 12mm Card slot 0.5mm Width 3.5mm Height 6.5mm Card slot 10mm Width 14mm Height 18mm Card slot 1.5mm Width 4.5mm Height 10mm card slot 3mm width 7mm height 12mm card slot 8mm width 12mm height 14mm card slot 6mm width 10mm height 12mm card slot 15mm width 20mm height 22mm card slot 5mm width 9mm height 13mm card slot 1mm width 4mm height 10mm non-calibration do seal special glue Card slot 12mm width 17mm height 21mm

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product description

Silicone rubber seal

this The company is specialized in selling all kinds of silicone rubber, silicone rubber sponge seal products business. The use of silicone rubber seal with a transparent, smooth appearance, soft and flexible, non-toxic tasteless .Has good elasticity (Shaw 35- 75Degrees), high and low temperature resistance-70- 250), And is not easy to aging, deformation, resistance to mild acid. In addition to ozone, soluble, electrical insulation also has a good performance, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, machinery industry, the preferred seal The finished tube has an excellent high temperature resistance (200- 250) And low temperature resistance, with good physiological stability , Pressure20- 25KV / Mm ), Ozone resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light, widely used in medical diversion, electronics, lighters tube, point gun tube, wire and cable ...Processed into sealing strip, the flange circle in the drying equipment has a good performance, especially in the drying machine door on the better, PV solar automatic laminator silicone seal , Semi-open laminator silicone seal . Is the average life of rubber seals more than three times.

Temperature range: -60 ℃ ~ 180 ℃;

Hardness: about 55 degrees, other hardness can be customized;

Product performance

1, high and low temperature resistance: at 180 ℃ under long-term use, at -60 ℃ is still flexible;
2, the electrical insulation properties: the excellent dielectric properties of silicone tube, especially at high temperature dielectric properties much higher than the general organic rubber, dielectric strength in the 20-180 ℃ range is almost free from the impact of temperature;
3, excellent resistance to weather, ozone and ultraviolet radiation resistance, long-term use does not occur outside the crack is generally believed that silicone tube can be used for more than 20 years in the outdoors.

Silicone u-shaped section of high temperature silicone seal strips of decorative strips of glass steel edge of the collision section

Drinking fountains, coffee pots, water heaters, rice cookers and other connecting pipe, pipe;
Electrical equipment, such as casing;
Medical equipment to connect pipelines, catheters and so on

Silicone u-shaped section of high temperature silicone seal strips of decorative strips of glass steel edge of the collision section

Silicone Rubber (180-200 ℃) and low temperature (-40-60 ℃) performance, good physical stability, and can withstand repeated harsh and disinfecting many times. It is a kind of new type of polymer elastic material, with excellent resistance to high temperature (20-25KV / mm), ozone-resistant, UV-resistant, radiation-resistant and other characteristics, special silicone rubber has a high temperature resistance, excellent heat resistance, Oil resistance, such as: fluorosilicone rubber Its main features of excellent oil resistance. Solvent resistance, it for aliphatic. Aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent. Petroleum-based fuel oil. Hydraulic oil and some synthetic oil, such as Ester lubricating oil, silicate liquid hydraulic oil and so on the stability at room temperature are very good, phenylene silicone rubber has excellent resistance to high temperature radiation performance, r-ray up to 1 × 109 Lunqin can maintain flexibility.

'In terms of electrical performance'In the case of moisture or temperature rise, the change is small, even if the short-circuit combustion of silicon dioxide is still an insulator, which ensures that electrical equipment to continue to work, so the most suitable for the production of wires, cables, lead wires.
'Surface Properties'Comb water, non-stick for many materials, can play a role in isolation.
As the silicone rubber has many excellent properties, can solve some of the national defense industry, civilian industry, supporting all aspects of equipment needs.
1, Transportation : Shipbuilding industry applications: automotive brake rubber caps. Cup. Hose. Seal. Exhaust system shaft seal. Spark plug. Ignition wire. Piston ring. Rotor engine dynamic with the 'O' ring. System seals, oil seals and so on.
2, Radio, motor : In the telecommunications industry: TV and oscilloscope in the high-voltage caps. Potentiometer seals and insulation sets. Thyristor shell. Sealed head. Stator insulation of the motor stator. Contact gas ring. Insulation sleeve. Protective enclosures, computers, telephone surface conductive rubber films, keyboard switches, varistors and so on.
3, Instruments, instrumentation industry applications : All kinds of regulators in the sensitive components of the diaphragm, the instrument with heating film, anti-acupuncture sheet (high-Si Si silicone rubber). Indicator color lamp sets. Oven. Electric. Far infrared heater door seals, Sponge door seal (to replace toxic asbestos door seal). Boiler seal. Refrigeration device seals and hoses. Instrument shock absorber. A variety of silicone rubber lead wire (for capacitance glowers, coils. Transformer. Lead wire) refrigerator defrost line. Heating lines.
4, Aviation industry : Fuel oil. Hydraulic oil pump seals. Seal. Various fire-retardant silicone rubber. Oxygen system seals. Diaphragm. Valves and so on.

Product specifications ,Specific colors and packaging requirements can be customized according to customer requirements.

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