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Product parameters:

  • Brand: SFMIT
  • Model: MIT-THA
  • Item No .: MIT-THA
  • (Marking range 170 * 110) Pneumatic single-chip microcomputer import parts Pneumatic rotary-type imported parts Imported parts Electromagnetic scribing machine (Marking range: 170 * 110) Pneumatic rotary type imported parts Electromagnetic scribing machine (marking range 170-110) Import parts pneumatic marking machine (marking range 170 * 110)
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

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The so-called a sub-price goods. The company's marking machine is the case, within the same functional range, with a grade marking machine, of course, is the cheaper the better, but if only the simple pursuit of cheap, Quality and long-term benefits, it can not but sacrifice the quality of products to achieve. Enterprises can not do business at a loss, in the face of competition is to give up part of the profits to maintain market share.Today the market price of marking machines vary greatly, a variety of marking machine accessories, such as the price is particularly low, You pay attention to, is not to give you with some of the accessories. Suggest that you pay more attention to quality and production standards.

Product Features:

New three - generation pneumatic scribing machine

Pneumatic marking machine * (USB + serial communication)

Marking range up to 170 * 100mm Other range can be customized

Support WIN7 system.

Color, Using blue, red, gray, orange, black, etc., according to different batches of random delivery.

As a result of more accurate linear bearing models, so the marking, the accuracy of more than Taobao sell low-end machine, mechanical life is much higher than the low-end models, is the preferred batch of one of the major types of marking.

Professional-grade high-precision marking machine, repeat printing accuracy: 0.04mm! Europe and the United States export standard pneumatic marking machine

The new second - generation electromagnetic scribing machine

No need for compressed air and any

What the external air supply, as long as a computer can be marked.

Marking range of 170 * 100mm

THORX7 software system

Support WIN7 system.

The use of high-precision linear bearings.

Marking effect and pneumatic marking machine is basically the same, but because the needle frequency is slightly lower, lattice effect is more obvious, marking the intensity of smaller than the pneumatic marking.

Single - chip desktop pneumatic marking machine

software Installation / Use Description

As long as the customer as long as the illustrations can easily complete the installation software!

Industrial marking engraving system (including: industrial printing systems, graphic editor, font editor, engraved database management system)
The software provides self-editor,
In addition, through third-party software

Drawing import, such as AUTOCAD, CorelDRAW and other software.
Various characters, serial number , The date and time , VIN code and graphics security signs

Marking samples

Mitutoyo SFMIT Pneumatic marking machine Detailed function introduction

Particularly applicable

Large quantities, with precision requirements, the proposed number of marking is not higher than on 1000-2500Item

Impact frequency

more than the 200 Hz

Run the system

WIndows 2000, Windows XP , The latest Windows7(Via USB and 9Pin serial port Connect with computer)

Multiple fonts

Various fonts are available and can be loaded

(With the system to share fonts)

Software system

Industrial marking engraving system (Contains: industrial printing system, graphic editor, font editor, engraved database management system)

Graphics editing

The software is provided with a self-editor,

In addition can be drawn through third-party software

Such as AUTOCAD, CorelDRAW And other software.

Print content

Various characters, serial number , The date and time , VIN Code and graphics security signs

text editor

At the same time provide a variety of modified text tags editing

Print Range

17100 mm

Data retrieval

Will be printed daily print content, at any time to retrieve historical print data . Automatically set the state memory, serial number

Repeat printing accuracy

0.08 Mm

Automatic comparison

Automatic contrast serial number, VIN Code, suggesting that duplication

Print depth

0.02~ 0.5 Mm Adjustable (engraved maximum depth 0.5Mm hardness HRC45Degrees within the measurement)

Text positioning

Provide mouse drag, direction key move and coordinate input

printing speed

Up to every second 4Characters (2 mm A high letter or number)

Analog display

You can directly observe the marker effect on the screen

Print orientation

Optional top, bottom, left, right, and tube arc, fan-shaped

Running intuitive

The screen displays the real-time route

Applicable workpieces

All kinds of materials, shape, size

Can work continuously


Input method

Manual, automatic serial number increase (can be set to increase the number)

Standards compliant

Printed in the country "vehicle identification code management rules" in the provisions VIN Code can be automatically statistical print content can be met ISO9001- 9002Quality system certification on the product can be identified, traceability requirements

Voltage / power

220V 50Hz ± 10%0 W

Outside packing wooden box size

400 (width) *500 (deep) *800 (high) (unit: Mm)

Air pressure

The input air pressure is not lower than 0.4 Mpa (actual use 0.2 ~ 0.8 Mpa Adjusts according to the print depth)

hair weight

40 KG

Operating temperature


net weight

33 KG

Mitutoyo SFMIT Pneumatic marking machine main parts configuration table

Serial number

Subsystem name

Specifications Model

Origin / brand



XY drive





Control the motherboard


Mitutoyo Self-produced



The electromagnetic valve


United States MAC



XY stepper motor


Sino-German joint venture /Hundred grams



Water pressure regulating valve





Synchronous belt


Ningbo Fulong



Carbide Needles

2 to 4 mm

Luxembourg CERAMETAL



Korea high-strength, high-precision linear guide

200 × 100 mm

South Korea SBC


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