Mysterious girl spring autumn and winter scarves sunscreen literary wild silk scarf shawl solid dual stream Miss Su Sen

Mysterious girl spring autumn and winter scarves sunscreen literary wild silk scarf shawl solid dual stream Miss Su Sen

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2016
  • Width: 135cm
  • Are malls the same paragraph: No
  • Length: 175cm
  • Material: Other
  • Shape: large square
  • Season: spring and winter
  • Gender: Universal
  • Color Classification: Forest - Denim Blue forest - retro green hemp Asia - Forest Green beans - dark gray forest - stitching leather flowers - Aqua Forest - Forest falling red - purple forest - pink forest - gray hemp Asia - Asia Ma Rose - black hemp Asia - apricot powder met - met retro yellow - green nostalgia met - dark blue met - black wheat - wheat khaki - black met - met linen - Qingluan flower color stitching - yellow flower mosaic - dark gray flower mosaic - burgundy
  • Scarf Brand: MAGICALGIRLS / Mysterious Girl
  • Item: tassels 00
  • Style: Scarf / scarves
  • Function: Decorative
  • Suitable for: young, middle-aged older teenage student couples
  • Style: Korean
  • Clothing style details: tassel
  • pattern: plain

Models wearing effect and colors are for reference only, please prevail in kind!

Oversized scarves wild solid direct quality goods, Very simple and very theatrical Winter can be a shawl in air-conditioned rooms, Spring and Autumn and the winter is very appropriate You can mix and match together to be alone with two colors Good fabric, but also very easy to shape. Pure has been very significant temperament. Pretty pro hurry to start it! Now you can enjoy the purchase National free shipping Promotions

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Delicate and atmospheric solid design scarf, not boring classic.

Pure charm, never reduced, this fall and winter, is a strong resurgence,

Select the contrast is good temperament elegant color, each color has each character,

Selected by the environment clothing accessories of the Absolute is the color, very simple design, very wild.

Changes in the weather has always been uncertain, and now early start,

Suddenly a cool, well prepared will be proud to own cleverness.

The following is a section of forest

Cotton feel are surrounded by wheat, this is vintage cotton texture complex work

Yarn fabrics are washed, it will have the opposite feeling old fashion effect, due to the cotton-containing higher than karma because

The forest section first wash will fade a little situation occurred, salt or vinegar fixing click on it, then would not fade. Do not use washing machine to wash or put together with other clothes, You need to wash separately.

There are customers reflect scarves how white piece of ash, which is not a bad dye staining, but washed sand scarves reason itself is such a personality style, really making a map below shows.

Size: 190 * 120CM

Forest - Retro Green

forest -Grey

forest Dark gray

forest Red leather

forest Denim Blue

forest Pink

forest -purple

Size: About 175 * 135cm Material: bamboo cotton

- The following paragraph is wheat -

Wheat Khaki

Wheat black

- The following sub-paragraph is linen -

Asian hemp Scarf - Rose

hemp Inferior Scarf - Black

Asian hemp Scarf - apricot pink

hemp Inferior Scarf - green beans

Stitching lace surface area is not the kind of big design sense is enough to change the overall pattern of the whole scarf,

But it will not lose the scarf gesture is still a lot of specifications, draped around the city in style.

Solid color side of fabric used hot iron setting process,

So the natural fold scarves showing a sense of texture, folds very natural, like after the hand was rubbed out of the state,

Scarf by high temperature treatment setting process, was a gesture would have been maintained,

Love this fold design, it would give another scarf warmth, natural and casual.

Size about 175 * 150CM

- The following paragraph is met -

meet - Flaxen

meet - Retro Yellow

meet -Dark blue

Met - Qingluan color

meet - Old Green

meet -black

- The following is a flower stitching models -

Flower mosaic - Yellow

Flower mosaic - blue water

Flower mosaic - dark gray

Flower mosaic - burgundy