Ming - wai 3 plug PFC power supply adapter GS120A24 - P1M 120W 24V5A hanzengpiaofa

Ming - wai 3 plug PFC power supply adapter GS120A24 - P1M 120W 24V5A hanzengpiaofa

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MW / Ming-wai
  • Model: GS120A24-P1M
  • Modulation: Pulse width modulation
  • Connection: full-bridge
  • Function: Power adapter

■ Product Description

GS series of Ming Wei power adapter is a green energy-saving high standard adapter, popular in foreign countries, is a high-end enterprise-class products, can be 7x24 hours long-term continuous work through the world's strict safety certification and energy saving certification, widely used In the IT, security, LED lighting and other fields, the power range covers 6 watts -280 watts, the output voltage range covers a variety of commonly used 5V-48V voltage, according to the national power supply environment can choose different input interface form, bulk purchase can also custom DC Interface specifications recently introduced a further series of medical equipment in line with the GSM certification of the models, welcomed the purchase.

The price does not include the input power cord, need to be purchased separately, the bottom of this page has a link!

■ Main features
Universal AC full range AC (DC) input voltage
No-load loss <0.5W
Complies with ErP step2
Compliant with NRCan
By EISA 2007 (US Energy Independence and Security Act 2007)
Through the China National Safety Certification CCC certification
Built-in active PFC function
3-pole power input jack (IEC320-C14)
Website: Shanghai Lez Technology Development Co., Ltd
Class I power supply (requires ground wire)
Short circuit protection / overload protection / over-voltage protection / over-temperature protection
Full protective plastic housing
LED indicates the operating status
Through the Certification: UL / CUL / TUV / BSMI / CCC / PSE / CB / FCC / CE
100% full load burn-in test
Lead-free process, in line with environmental RoHS requirements
Taiwan Ming-wai brand, Suzhou factory production
2 year warranty
■ Main parameters
DC output range 24V, 0 to 5.0A
Output voltage accuracy ±3%
Ripple Lt; / RTI & gt;
effectiveness 90%
Input voltage range 85 to 264 Vac or 120 to 370 Vdc
Input inrush current Cold start, 230V when the 70A
Overload protection Over-current point of 110% to 150%, automatic detection, automatic recovery
Over-voltage protection The rated output voltage of 105% -135% off, restart recovery
Overheat protection RTH2> 100 ℃ ± 10 ℃ off, restart recovery
Start Rise Hold Time 230VAC full load 2000ms, 30ms, 20ms
Customer Service Hotline: 400-600-0430
Insulation properties Between the input and output: 3KVAC
Operating temperature -30~ +70℃(Refer to temperature derating curve)
Anti-vibration 10 to 500Hz, 2G 10 minutes / cycle, XYZ each axis for 60 minutes
Safety Certification Certified to UL60950-1, TUV EN60950-1, BSMI CNS14336, CCC GB4943, PSE J60950-1 (except 48V)
Electromagnetic compatibility standard Emissions: EN55022 class B, EN61000-3-2, -3, FCC Part 15 / CISPR22 CNS13438 classB, GB9254, GB17625.1
Electromagnetic compatibility standard Anti-interference: EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11A light industry standard
Mean time between failures ≥40.07 million hours, MIL-HDBK-217F (25 ℃)
Output cable length 120cm UL2464, 18AWG x 4C
Standard DC plug P1M: 2.5φx5.5φx11mm / C +, tuning fork type / R7B: on behalf of the lock DIN 4P
Dimensions 167 × 67 × 35mm (length × width × height)
Weight and packaging 0.62 kg / box; 20 per box / 13.4 kg / 0.0227 cubic meters

■ Input wiring

If you want to match the input cable with the power adapter, please click the picture below to buy directly

Important: The Ming-wai power adapter does not contain an input cable. The cable is not a Mingwei brand and is only available for purchase at an additional cost.