Household Electrical Pocket Digital Multimeter precision multimeter | Digital portable mini anti-burn 830LN

Household Electrical Pocket Digital Multimeter precision multimeter | Digital portable mini anti-burn 830LN

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Number: 830LN
  • Color Classification: MCH-830LN
  • Renovation and construction content: the main material procurement
  • Work: Digital Display
  • Accuracy: three and a half
  • Brand: MCH
  • Model: MCH-830LN

Product Details

Technical Parameters


1. This series is 3 1/2Digital manual switch range digital multimeter. Full range overload protection and unique design, making it more superior performance of electrical instruments.

2. With insulation covering. With ultra-soft rubber protective sleeve, and improve the comfort, double insulation protection, protect the body, giving you a sense of security doubled.

3. Ultra-clear LCD Display, large screen display, myself clear, easy reading.

4. Body bracket. Fuselage behind with a stent design can always adjust the appropriate angle measurements are needed, the observation data more convenient.

Instructions for use

1. Test is normal multimeter black table pen inserted COM Hole, the red pen inserted VΩ hole lead butt into the beep state, a value of001It can indicate this is a normal multimeter, you can test the motherboard off.

2. Regardless of any functional black leads are connected to the fixed COM jack.

3. Measuring voltage. DC voltage measurement, the battery voltage value than the standard value of the product is higher, this is the battery characteristics, without knowing the measured voltage application, the maximum range to measure, and then to choose based on the measured value corresponding range position.

4. Can not live range switching. Current and voltage range switching, do not be charged in the case, in particular the case with a large voltage high current so as not to burn out the switch.

packing list

Host computer x1,Lead x1, Certificate x1, Instructionsx1

Use / Application

830LN Series handheld digital multimeter is a fully functional, stable performance, novel structure, safe and reliable, cost-effective handheld 3 1/2Bit manual range digital multimeter can be used in homes, schools, metallurgy, communications, manufacturing, petroleum, defense, power, chemical and other fields, suitable for measuring DC voltage /AC, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, diode forward pressure, transistor parameters, is a circuit, electrical equipment maintenance and repair of the ideal tool.

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