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YG-DS Inverted | Electric Automatic Binding Machine Binding Machine Yun Guang Binding Machine

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Product parameters:

  • Binding machine brand: cloud wide
  • Model: DS (without knife)

Cloud wide DS Inverted automatic electric belt binding machine

Item No .: YG-DS

Technical Parameters
Binding thickness: 50 mm
Electric power: 0.18kw
Rated voltage: 220V
weight the amount: 15.0Kg
body product: 370mmX250mmX410mm
Motor working approx 400The carbon brush should be replaced after the hour.

Drilling with a line method: first open the power switch, the drill handle up and down four consecutive movements, with a perforation line process has been completed.

Note: Drilling handle up and down movements to be in place.
When the drill bit is not found at work, check if the shook nut is too loose or the motor belt is too loose.
Such as the second drilling, the handle on the pull does not move, check the line needle is biased, remove the method: with your fingers around the needle to adjust the position

Main functions: automatic positioning, automatic drilling, automatic threading, automatic shift, automatic back position, automatic trimming, automatic power.