Lenovo Apple computer bag shoulder bag 15.6 inch 14-inch men and women Backpack Simple leisure bag 17

Lenovo Apple computer bag shoulder bag 15.6 inch 14-inch men and women Backpack Simple leisure bag 17

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color Category: denim blue (Business Edition) quiet Black (Business Edition) Phantom Grey (Business Edition) Sapphire (Casual Version) blue jeans (casual version) Fashion Purple (Casual Version) denim gray (Casual Version) light green casual version) rose red (casual Version) denim gray (business Edition) quiet black (casual Version)
  • Style: shoulders
  • Material: Other
  • Size: 14 inches 15 inches 17 inches
  • Style: Simple
  • Brand: Wesnoth

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(Pro and welcome to Hangzhou good fruit, shop shelves are all able to shoot the spot Oh, pro direct single line, the next single after the first time you will be issued as soon as possible Oh! OUR default hair through courier!)

With the money the business has finally arrived!

There has been a lot of boys like this bag, is that not enough monkey version of casual match mine, and finally, Business Edition domineering debut!

Simple fashion, Apple style!

Buy a shoulder bag, the four major pain, let your distress

1) You hate all kinds of similar kind of Swiss army knife black shoulder bag, this package has been part of the previous generation of the old design, unchanged for decades, has no love!
2) You hate complicated, complex, too complex package now mainstream digital products, whether mobile or tablet or laptop, basically the more simple. Aesthetic of our generation is simple!
3) You do not like too heavy, too heavy, too heavy purse what things have not installed, the light empty bag has been feeling the pressure up.
4) You do not like the kind of limp, choke hold, there is no three-dimensional, full of things are not even type.
Pro, you choose us this Apple style, simple, lightweight shoulder bag, on the right. Would you like to make a real back out of the backpack!

Size selection methods:

(1) If you are a 13.3-inch computer, or a 14-inch computer, select 14-inch package on the line.

(2) If you are a common 15.6-inch computer, select the 15-inch line.

(3) If you're a large 15.6-inch this game, such as alien computer, MSI's GE series, Quake series, the future of humanity, and other games of this 15.6-inch, 17-inch line that you choose.

Tips: The following casual version of the model, map in the back on both sides of the bag model no side pockets, should have a broad pro requirements, since Side pockets can easily be placed on both sides of cups, umbrellas and other belongings, Now the arrival of All casual version with side pocket, Business Edition is also full of side pockets on both sides! Reassure parents buy!