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Apple Computer Shoulder Bag 15.6 inch 14 inch men and women laptop backpack simple leisure travel bag 17

Apple Computer Shoulder Bag 15.6 inch 14 inch men and women laptop backpack simple leisure travel bag 17
Product code: 12060100030
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Product parameters:

  • (Casual version) Cowboy Blue (casual version) Fashion Purple (casual version) Cowboy Gray (casual version) Light green casual version) Color classification: cowboy blue (Business Edition) quiet black (Business Edition) Rose Red (Leisure Edition) Phantom Gray (Leisure Edition) Silent Black (Casual)
  • Style: shoulders
  • Material: Others
  • Size: 14 inches 15.6 inches 17.3 inches
  • Style: Simple
  • Brand: Werner

Simple and stylish, Apple style!

Buy shoulder bag, four sore, make you distressed

1) You hate all kinds of similar Swiss Army knife black shoulder bag, this package has belong to the previous generation of old design, for decades unchanged, has no love!
2) You hate the complex, complex, too complex package, now the mainstream digital products, whether mobile or tablet or laptop, are basically more and more simple, simplicity is the aesthetic of our generation!
3) You do not like too heavy, too heavy, too heavy of the package, what things are not installed, light a empty package has been feeling the pressure.
4) You do not like the kind of soft collapse, Bie Bie, no three-dimensional, and even stuffed with no type.
Pro, you choose us this Apple style simple lightweight shoulder bag, on the right. A really make you willing to back out of the backpack!

Size selection method:

(1) If you are a 13.3-inch computer, or 14-inch computer, select the 14-inch package on the line.

(2) If you are a common 15.6-inch computer, select the 15.6-inch package on the line.

(3) If you are a large 15.6-inch game of this, such as alien computers, MSI's GE series, Raytheon series, future human and other 15.6-inch game of this, you choose 17.3 inch on the line.

Tips: The following casual version of the model in the back of the model bag on both sides of the side pocket, should the majority of pro requirements, due to Both sides of the side pocket can easily place cups, umbrellas and other personal belongings, Now the arrival of Leisure version of all with side pocket, the business version is also all sides of the side pocket! Pro rest assured to buy!