Laptop screen protection film matte 15.6-inch anti-reflective 14 | Lenovo Asus Dell | radiation

Laptop screen protection film matte 15.6-inch anti-reflective 14 | Lenovo Asus Dell | radiation

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Crystal times
  • Type: screen film
  • Size: 14 inches
  • Color Classification: 15.6-inch 16: 9 HD scratch 344.5 * 194mm 14-inch 16: 9 HD scratch 309.5 * 174.5mm 12.5-inch 16: 9 HD anti 276.5 * 155.5mm 13.3-inch 16: 9 HD scratch 293.5 * 165mm non-Apple our model is better than the film market, 95% of the products are not only very durable scratch-resistant and high permeability to buy two get one shopkeeper dead loss to pull prices alert has been sounded 14-inch 16:!!!!!!!!!! 9 scrub anti-reflective 15.6-inch 16: 9 matte anti-glare
  • Size: 14 inches
  • Product Number: BJBBHM

Tip one: Foil larger, more difficult to stick, it is strongly recommended to buy two!

Tip two: anti-reflective matte film, but not HD.

Note: The actual screen foil on each side of 1-2 mm smaller than the screen, why? Because the laptop screen is large and the film is manually operated, if done exactly the same big, no one can affix This has nothing to do with product quality, mind, please do not shoot, thank you.

Most of the market of cheap film, one does not affect the high-definition visual experience and hurt the eyes, the two do not scratch their time soon, the three did not film paste tool is not easy, not even four poor packaging packaging easily crushed in transit, please buy with caution .

Crystal times Brands notebook protective film, the production of materials used in Japan, HD high permeability and very scratch-resistant, can be used for two years, does not need to be replaced, cost-effective super.

Buy before must see: screen film sure to condemnation, do not understand, please be sure to ask customer service Oh, it is impossible to take the time to remember the message Remarks own notebook models!!!!

(2011 ~ 2012 new notebook purchases are certainly 16: 9, so long as the choice of a good size would not be wrong)

Spike! Spike!! Sooner buy the cheaper!!!