Copps wired desktop computer notebook external Internet backlit metal mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse set

Copps wired desktop computer notebook external Internet backlit metal mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse set

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Copps PK900 Set
  • Color Classification: gun color Gaming Edition + Colorful gaming mouse Rose Gold Gaming Edition + Colorful gaming mouse color guns Gaming Edition + Sunburn eagle gaming mouse Rose Gold Gaming Edition + Sunburn eagle gaming mouse color guns Gaming Edition + furious macro definition gaming mouse gaming Edition rose gold + fury gaming mouse macro definition color gun violence + gaming Edition gaming mouse mad macros rose gold + gaming Edition gaming mouse macro definitions mad violence
  • Brand: Copps
  • Model: PK900 Set
  • Is there a multimedia function keys: There are
  • Keyboard Interface: USB
  • Keyboard Connection: Wired
  • Mouse interface: USB
  • Mouse Connection: Wired
  • Applicable objects: Home Office gaming notebook
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

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Copps PK900 Keyboards

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Hyun-axis mechanical design, Qingcui loud hitting sound, clear sense of feedback, machine Strong sense of two-stage mechanical shaft body, straight up and down when struck, no sense of the paragraph, Typing graceful general, a key hardly ever a key underway

② ABS double injection keys, designed for high-strength percussion players configuration, two-color injection keycap ABS polymer processing of raw materials, delicate touch, comfortable, soft and uniform light transmission, different from a conventional rear laser engraving Cap, do not fade durable

PK900 backlit keyboard built-in 9 mode, the keyboard FN +1-9 key to switch backlighting, turn off the backlight, backlight speed changes A variety of lighting effects

All-aluminum panels, one-piece, steady heavy, texture texture, this gift Color, and the use of heavier structural design, making it smooth and powerful control, stepped Keycap curve, scattered and orderly, fitting hand-type, operating more smoothly!

⑤ add innovative detachable palm rest is designed to allow players in the fierce competitive games, it is possible to easily win, practical stent design phone, hands free, from fish and bear's paw can have both!

Full mouse support key custom macro programming to meet the various game settings function (Full-key support custom mouse macro settings, you can set the mouse software to customize keyboard, a key feature of any set); Macro Programming Macros popular game software, without cumbersome operations, a key set, flew over God (The speed of light QA, barrel-E flash, flash blind monk R, Prince Eren, Eren Tau, a key touch blind, kicks, card knife, gun spy + + instantaneous jump box, left three bursts and so fast more Games macros, please ask the customer after receipt of the goods);

Mouse driver Download (copy the link into the browser

(Tips: violence only mad with rage L1 macro mouse macro mouse support AK-48 macro definition)