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'Mall genuine' tiger card metal detectors can detect 5 meters underground power-saving TS500

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  • Brand: Tiger
  • Model: TS500

Tiger brand is a professional underground metal detector brand. Tiger underground metal detector TS500, is the application of advanced technology products. The instrument selection of high-quality components, it has a wide detection, positioning accuracy, resolution, For simple and so on.

TS500 is a new generation of metal detector developed by the new technology.It has a large depth of detection and accurate identification capabilities, is a professional-type ultra-deep probe, especially for the detection of deep formation operations in the use of old metal detectors , The most annoying problem is the impact of the ground: as the distance between the probe plate and the ground changes in the instrument's signal also followed the change, if the probe plate sweep over uneven ground, this change is even greater, the operator as if everywhere All hear the sound of the signal, can not figure out where the real metal buried .This phenomenon is called 'mineralization reaction' cause 'mineralization reaction' is due to constitute the soil and a variety of minerals to make the instrument signal.In the soil structure Complex, 'mineralization' is very strong, it caused the signal is even greater than the metal signal, then the operator is difficult to determine the place of the signal is buried in the end is the metal or 'mineralization reaction' within the instrument Equipped with ground-balanced lines, can eliminate all the 'mineralization' effect, only in the detection disc met the metal signal, thus greatly improving the detection depth and accuracy. With the size of the two detection disk. In general In the case of indoor or more complex soil conditions, the use of small detection plate for routine detection. Conventional detection of stable, accurate resolution, anti-interference ability. In special circumstances, such as in the field of soil homogeneous lot , The search for the target and buried very deep, you can use a large probe to deepen the probe to detect the instrument has a greater depth of detection, but susceptible to clutter interference.

Tiger underground metal detector TS500, is the application of advanced technology products. Instrument selection of high-quality components, with a wide range of detection, positioning accuracy, resolution and strong, easy to operate and so on.

● Built-in lithium battery-powered, the weight of the battery to reduce a lot, can be used once a full 10 hours.
● Equipped with a geostationary line, can eliminate the 'mineralization reaction' the impact of greatly improve the effective detection of the depth and accuracy:
● has the difference between ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals;
● Adopting intelligent operating system
● High-strength ABC material package, light weight, long life
● Using a new generation of high-power probe plate, detection depth deeper and more stable.

According to our field measurements on a variety of underground metal detectors, Tiger TS500Underground metal detectors are all used to probe the principle of electromagnetic induction to explore Detection depth deeper, more stable performance Of the underground metal detectors, so the counterfeit goods on the market in particular. Please recognize live, if you feel deeper than the depth of this probe, please compare.

Maximum detection depth: 5 m -10 mBecause the geomagnetic field is not the same as the other soil moisture and hardness are not the same.Therefore, the detection data is factory test standards by factory testing standards in accordance with the national standard of a 100CM * 100CM * 1CM after the formation of the steel plate measured. )

Transmitting frequency: 6.99kHz

Signal frequency: 437Hz

Weight: 4.5kg

Power: 11.1V 4Ah lithium-ion battery

Each machine is equipped Two exploration plate , In addition Tiger bag for a dedicated backpack, a high-quality engineering shovel , We feel that these are secondary, so there is no publicity, more importantly, we should do a good job of product quality, so that detection of deeper, more stable performance, longer life, to repay the majority of users.

Power: built-in South Korea's LG foundry produced with 4A circuit protection lithium battery

(Tiger detector Intentionally added protection circuit , Allowing you to use more secure, understand people know that the battery is not good will explode, increase the safety circuit which is to increase the cost of the other cottage is not the factory, whether they use a lithium battery or battery, No additional protection circuit is very dangerous)