EPDM EPDM foam strip / self-adhesive sponge rubber / plastic sponge tape / electrical cabinet box seal

EPDM EPDM foam strip / self-adhesive sponge rubber / plastic sponge tape / electrical cabinet box seal

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jian Wei
  • Model: EPDM-0005
  • Color Classification: consultation of non-standard thickness of 10mm wide and 30mm thick 5mm width 50mm thickness 5mm width 40mm thickness 5mm width 30mm thickness 5mm width 25mm thickness 5mm width 20mm thick 5mm width 15mm thickness 5mm width 10mm thickness 3mm width 35mm thickness 3mm width 30mm thickness 3mm width 25mm thick 3mm thick 3mm width 15mm width 20mm width 10mm thick 3mm thick 2mm thick 2mm width 30mm width 25mm width 20mm thick 2mm thick 2mm thick 2mm width 15mm width 10mm width 10mm thickness of 1mm

Note: The above price is the price per meter, making a small volume generally represents a meter roll length of 2 m, Jumbo is 10 Mio above table are some of the common specifications, support for non-calibration done. thickness of 1mm-50mm, width 6mm-1000mm can be done, a length of 2 meters, can also be customized longer need 10 meters, please consult the specific

material: EPDM foam (sponge)

Color: Black (white can be customized)

Explanation: EPDM EPDM rubber foam excellent weather resistance such as a rubber and plastics raw materials has become a traditional alternative to rubber materials. EPDM rubber has high chemical stability, good electrical insulating properties and resistance aging, water resistance it can be widely used for less demanding environmental conditions of various types of construction and refrigeration and air conditioning industry, but also can be used in more demanding areas of the environment, such as: minus 40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ environment in automotive air conditioning equipment systems are more resistant to temperature and environmental requirements of the region, such as: pharmaceutical, hospital and military equipment.

1. high resistance to aging:
A ozone resistance - EPDM rubber known as 'non-rubber cracking', ozone resistance in general rubber good.
B good thermal stability.
C aging resistance - long-term use at 130 ℃, at a temperature of 150 ℃ or higher may be re-interval or short-term use.
D weathering - refers to aging in the natural environment of light, heat, cold, wind, rain, atmospheric ozone, oxygen, a combination of factors.

2. Good chemical resistance: Due to its chemical stability of the EPDM rubber and non-polar, so that the majority of chemicals and chemical reaction does not occur between the polar material and is slightly miscible or immiscible, it is resistant to alcohols, acids (formic acid, acetic acid) alkali, an oxidizing agent (such as H202, HCLO etc.), detergents, animal and vegetable oils, ketones, some fat, hydrazine.

3. Good water resistance, thermal performance and resistance to water vapor: Water is a polar material, EPDM rubber is a kind of polymer alkyl hydrazine, having 'hydrophobic' difficult chemical reaction between the two. it has good water resistance, and resistance to superheated steam properties.