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★ Shopping Mall authentic ★ | Qi Qian outside 5-30 * 1.9 | wear-resistant high temperature | seals | fluorine plastic O-ring

★ Shopping Mall authentic ★ | Qi Qian outside 5-30 * 1.9 | wear-resistant high temperature | seals | fluorine plastic O-ring
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Qi Qian
  • Model: Fluorine glue 5-30 * 1.9
  • Color classification: white silicone red silicone green fluoride plastic black nitrile rubber

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Nitrile rubber silicone rubber fluorine rubber OThe ring has a lot of stock

A wide range of specifications welcome to come to consult the procurement

Rubber Material Description:

Nitrile rubber (Letters on behalf of NBR Heat resistance 100Good oil resistance

Silicone material (letters on behalf of VMQ) Heat resistant 200degree Oil resistant Non-toxic Good waterproofing

Fluorine glue (Letters on behalf of FKM) Heat resistant 280degree Good oil resistance and corrosion resistance

EPDM rubber (letter on behalf of EPDM)Heat resistant 150Degree of oil resistance

Polytetrafluoroethylene (Letters on behalf of PTFE)Heat resistant 280degree Good oil resistance, pressure, wear resistance

Polyurethane (Letters on behalf of PU) Heat resistant 90degree Good oil resistance durable

Please check the size before buying

ORing: OD × Wire diameter (thickness) (Unit: mm)

Or diameter × diameter (thickness) (unit: mm)

Implementation of the standard: GB1235-76 Specifications: OD * diameter diameter (cross-section diameter)

Implementation of the standard: GB3452.1-82 Specifications: ID = diameter diameter (cross-section diameter)

Above part of the information is for reference only, practical application please consult us

Buyers need to know:

1Buyers must be careful to check whether the goods are damaged and then sign in. If the buyer finds the problem, the seller will not be responsible for the loss of the goods, so as not to cause unnecessary losses to the two sides of the goods, be sure to express or shipping company The staff in front of open package inspection, the goods in the transport process may be lost or damaged in accordance with the normal process out to prove that the claim, if the receipt can not be a specific proof of the case of loss of goods or damage, the restaurant is not responsible, thank you Cooperation.

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