Original Lenovo G460 G470 V470 V360 Z460 B470 Z470 E47 K47 Laptop Battery

Original Lenovo G460 G470 V470 V360 Z460 B470 Z470 E47 K47 Laptop Battery

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Lenovo / Lenovo
  • Model: Ideapad Z465
  • Battery capacity: 4400mAh
  • Battery capacity: 4001MAh (including) -5000MAh (inclusive)
  • Service: shop three packs
  • Whether the original: Original
  • For brand: Lenovo / Lenovo

solemn commitment

To ensure that new original authentic one year warranty ! Lynx genuine original Lenovo genuine spare parts inventory of spare parts pay for the profit is very low You pay for! Cheap labeling non-authentic original stock battery profitable cottage has a very low shipping

Specials Pre-order as soon as possible to believe that the masses have discerning eyes ^ _ ^

[Applicable models Model]
Lenovo ideaPadG460 G560 V360 Z460 Z560 Z465 G460A Z465A Z470A V470 V470A G470 G470A E47 E47A K47 K47A

Series of high-capacity notebook original battery 48WH This variety of life lasting batteries label versions were shipped early morning to buy cheap small number of pre-order as soon as possible shipped randomly, please note if required

Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas do not mail

Original genuine fake a penalty ten

Resolutely resist the fake fake goods

Lenovo Lenovo spare parts direct purchase customer support inspection

A lost decade

Original battery that there is no cargo is no cargo of new impulse Specials 190 yuan early morning to buy cheap

Support seven days no reason returned, please rest assured purchase, sale and freight AA system

The battery is absolutely new and original after-sales support is not detected so-called high imitation goods OEM please say the word Free bargaining does not accept any form of bargaining this battery support of the aftermarket, including Lenovo THINKPAD sale after sale after sale Sunny Identification absolutely genuine original, please rest assured purchase

【battery model】
L09M6Y02 (SMP batteries) L09S6Y02 (Sanyo batteries) L09N6Y02 (Sony batteries) L09L6Y02 (LG batteries) L10P6Y22 (Panasonic batteries)
L10P6F21 (Compal batteries) L09C6Y02 CPT batteries L10L6F21 (LG batteries)

Several more models are versatile please rest assured purchase

It has been imitated never been beyond

The quality of play is to do is integrity

All products are taken in kind describes truthfully there is no absolutely new and original renovation painting products

But does not exclude the products manufactured batch Num will be subtle changes, such as failure to update my shop please forgive please rest assured purchase

Note! Our battery must say that the original is the original, the new factory original laptop battery sold ,Since the origin ,The manufacturer, date of manufacture ,Batch or different capacity ,And your wife does not guarantee exactly the same ,But guaranteed to be factory original battery .Original battery foundries Sanyo, Sony, Panasonic, LG,Samsung, Simplo (SMP ) , STL.CPT And other large and small manufacturers. Many people believe that the original would be more his own wife exactly the same, this view is clearly incorrect. With notebook battery may have several foundries manufacturing.

If you have special requirements, please tell us if there is no restaurant will randomly send Battery Model Our commitment to leave a compensable million to support any form of testing, no matter which are OEM manufacturers Lenovo authorized foundries

[Product Description]

Battery Type Li-ion

Output voltage 11.1 / 10.8V (generic only batteries appear 10.8V with different resistance 11.1V)
Capacity 48WH 6 cell high capacity

Specifically, if you are not sure, please consult the online customer service

Note: Please do not ask me if I was a new original battery that kind of thing, I shop the sale if the battery is the original note, please believe one hundred percent genuine goods to buy, do not shoot do not believe that the entire payment transaction just how do you measure go. Where measuring what software testing Lenovo aftermarket blue fast after-sales support are welcome detection detection

Note: after-sales support new original battery detect fake a lose ten

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Please also have a habit of bargain buyers bypass, select high-priced shops to meet their psychological balance bar bargain! And if I have a bargain, I will not say sorry bargain, if again, maybe I would not have time to reply to the addition bargaining without success but buyers want to buy, and I may not be sold to you, because after all, not a bargain, was a shadow, I will not let buyers reluctant to shop.
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Note: Because manufacturers change product packaging without any advance notice, the OEM manufacturers or some attachments, the Division can not ensure that customers receive the goods and store pictures, exactly the same origin, appendix is ​​only to ensure that the original genuine! and to ensure that the market was consistent with the same mainstream new products if the shop does not update, please understand!