Nel fine mesh thin section T crotch super anti-hook silk pantyhose summer 1413 anti-off silk sexy stockings

Nel fine mesh thin section T crotch super anti-hook silk pantyhose summer 1413 anti-off silk sexy stockings

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Summer 2015
  • Even number: 1 pairs
  • Brand: Nile
  • Style No .: 6926758414132
  • Fabric material composition: polyamide fiber (nylon) 84% polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 16%
  • Color (906) Gray (927) Gray (927) Gray (923) Gray ) White (801) Black (930)
  • Size: Classic Edition 1413 T Crotch Edition W1658
  • Tube height: pants
  • Thickness: thin
  • Crotch style: T crotch
  • The main material of the fabric: core wire
  • pattern: plain
  • Clothing style details: anti-hook wire
  • Socks functional purposes: moisture perspiration
  • Style: Simple
  • Applicable Gender: Female
  • Applicable season: Summer

Nile official flagship store genuine manufacturers

This product is Nile stockings series Cost-effective of,

Every year to sell tens of thousands, over the years are sought after by many sisters and loved,

Like the pursuit of ultra-high cost, more cost-effective MM into the stockings.

We all know that the summer models stockings relatively thin, easy to hook wire damage.

This subsection ultra Fine mesh anti-hook wire , Using a special thread around the weaving,

Subversion of traditional stockings easy hook easy to rotten defects, stockings life extension 10Times.

Nile from raw materials to the high cost of technology determines the high quality

High elastic rubber band +Tighten the thigh design to effectively prevent the drop-out!

Material: selection Quality core wire

Thickness: summer models, Ultra-thin , Comfortable and breathable

Size: One Size: 150-172cm; Hip: 85-110cm ordinary body can be

Counter price: 39.00 Lynx official website price: 12.90

Taobao Price: Are Yiwu imitation version of the pro-quasi-official purchase, we are resistant to powder we are with the imitation version, piracy, defective version. Thank you support Nair official flagship store!

PS:This is because it is a special mesh weaving, so unlike ordinary stockings feels very smooth, but it is a special weaving, only anti-hook wire. This is because it is a special mesh weave, , Not easy to slide the advantages of silk ~