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Taiwan Po Po Pro'sKit MT-2017 26 file pointer multimeter digital universal table original authentic

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Product parameters:

  • Item: MT-2017
  • Color classification: green
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works
  • Work: Pointer
  • Accuracy: Other
  • Brand: Pro 'skit / Po workers
  • Model: MT-2017

MT-2017 26 files pointer type anti-misuse three-use meter
  • Dual-use, with two-color. Anti-skid. Shock-proof protective cover, Japanese batteries.
  • Circuit board with double-sided gold-plated glass fiber design.Diode two-way limiter circuit, in addition to the crystal file, with limited anti-false overload protection circuit and temporary protection of two multi-fuse protection.
  • Can be measured range: DC voltage 1000V, the middle zero positive and negative DC voltage ± 5V / ± 25V, AC voltage 1000V, DC current 250mA, DC current 10A, 20MΩ resistance, capacitance 2000μF (reference), battery, Transistor, LED, short circuit beep.
  • ± DC 5V ± 25V measurement, full-range anti-mis-test protection, two-color. Anti-slip. Shock protection.