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X-doria Apple Watch Case Apple Case Metal case iwatch2 Shell 42 border

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: X-doria
  • Model: Blade series case
  • 42MM 42MM 42MM 42MM 42MM 42MM 42MM new moonlight dark silver 42MM new moon shell silver 38MM 38MM gold 38MM silver to send special steel 38mm new moonlight silver 38mm new deep black 38mm rose gold & Lavender purple 38mm pc shell rose gold 38mm pc shell gray marble 42mm new fluorescent green

X-doria Apple Watch Case Defense Edge Blade Series

Four-color optional Earth ho gold space silver metal blue metal red

Applicable to Apple watch38mm / 42mm

1: metal frame with soft inner care, just outside the soft, shock-resistant shock does not scratch the machine

2: Frame anti-oxidation treatment of durable metal texture

3: No buckle design, easy handling

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