G1840 / G3900 dual-core office home desktop computer host home games assembled computer diy machine

G1840 / G3900 dual-core office home desktop computer host home games assembled computer diy machine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • CPU frequency: 2.8GHz (with) -3.0GHz (not included)
  • CPU model: G1840
  • Number of CPU cores: dual core
  • CPU Type: Intel / Intel Celeron
  • Motherboard brand: Soyo
  • Motherboard structure: M-ATX
  • Memory brand: tigo / Jintaike
  • Memory type: DDR3
  • Memory frequency: 1600MHz
  • Brand: Intel / Intel
  • Package Type: Package 1 Package II
  • Platform type: INTEL 1150
  • Cooling: air-cooled
  • Cooling equipment Brand: YORK wind
  • Graphics card brand: intel Graphicas nuclear significantly
  • Memory interface: 128bit
  • Memory Type: GDDR3
  • Maximum memory capacity: 16GB
  • Chassis Brand: Golden Field / GOLDENFIELD
  • Chassis type: the tower
  • Chassis structure: ATX
  • Power 80 PLUS Certification: Not supported
  • Power brand: Constant force
  • Hard drive brand: tigo / Jintai Ke
  • Hard Disk Type: Solid State Drive
  • Box material: steel
  • Configuration type: business office type
  • Applicable brands: INTEL
  • Compatible INTEL Model: Other
  • Motherboard Chipset Type: Other
  • Memory capacity: 4GB
  • Graphics Type: integrated graphics
  • Integrated graphics model: CPU comes with GPU
  • Memory capacity: 64MB
  • Hard disk capacity: other / other
  • Optical drive type: no optical drive
  • Power supply: other
  • Condition: New
  • Graphics Series: intel Graphicas nuclear significantly
  • Display Size: No monitor included

Intel home office host

What kind of host is suitable for office?

1, USB3.0 - front is convenient

How little office data transmission, USB3.0 speed is USB2.0 nearly 10 times! USB3.0 to the front!

From the end without drilling table bottom USB interface

2, high-speed-120G solid-state hard drive

Office home, high-speed 120G solid-state hard drive, boot about 10 seconds!

* If you do not need solid-state hard drive, you can contact customer service to replace the mechanical hard disk Toshiba 500G.

3, to be stable - the election of all solid-state motherboard!

But also with the shrinkage of the motherboard half of the solid-state capacitors, half electrolytic capacitor? Electrolytic capacitor instability, once a burst of pulp the entire host can not operate

NO! To all solid-state motherboard!

Package I: Soyo SY-H91 + all solid version: All-solid-state capacitance! Gigabit Ethernet card, with intelligent lightning protection anti-static device, can analyze and identify the surge, and in the confirmation of the moment to the ground area, in order to achieve the most comprehensive protection.

Package II: Soyo H110D4 + magic sound version: All-solid-state capacitance! The new sixth-generation Skylake architecture, support a new generation of DDR4 memory, five-phase CPU power supply, independent PCB split line audio module, dedicated audio capacitor pure audio experience!

*LED fan effect is for reference only, are optional ; Need glare effect please contact customer service!
News - assembled a proper way, fun unlimited!