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G1840 / G3900 dual-core office home desktop computer host home games assembled computer diy machine

G1840 / G3900 dual-core office home desktop computer host home games assembled computer diy machine
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Product parameters:

  • CPU frequency: 2.8GHz (including) -3.0GHz (not included)
  • CPU Model: G1840
  • CPU core number: dual core
  • CPU type: Intel / Intel Celeron
  • Motherboard Brand: Soyo
  • Motherboard structure: M-ATX
  • Memory brand: tigo / tinker grams
  • Memory type: DDR3
  • Memory frequency: 1600MHz
  • Brand: Intel / Intel
  • Cooling method: air-cooled
  • Cooling equipment brand: pccooler / overclocking three
  • Graphics brand: Intel / Intel
  • Memory bandwidth: 64bit
  • Memory type: GDDR3
  • Chassis Brand: Golden Field / GOLDENFIELD
  • Chassis structure: Micro ATX
  • Power 80 PLUS Certification: Not supported
  • Power supply brand: segotep / Xin Valley
  • Hard drive brand: tigo / tinker grams
  • Hard disk type: Solid state drive
  • Configuration Type: Affordable
  • Motherboard Chipset Type: Intel H81
  • Memory capacity: 4GB
  • Graphics Type: Integrated Graphics
  • Integrated graphics model: other / other
  • Memory capacity: 64MB
  • Hard disk capacity: 120GB
  • Optical drive type: no drive
  • Power supply: 300W
  • Graphics Card Series: None

Intel home office host

What kind of host is suitable for office?

1, USB3.0 - front only convenient

How much office data transmission, USB3.0 speed is USB2.0 nearly 10 times! USB3.0 to the front!

From the bottom do not have to drill the desktop after the USB interface

2, high-speed solid-state hard disk-120G

Office home, high-speed 120G solid state hard drive, boot about 10 seconds!

* If you do not need solid state hard drive, you can contact customer service replacement mechanical hard disk Toshiba 500G.

3, to be stable - choose all solid-state motherboard!

Also used to shrink the motherboard half of the solid capacitors, half of the electrolytic capacitor? Electrolytic capacitor instability, once a blasting the entire host can not operate

NO! To all solid state motherboard!

Package 1: Soyo SY-H91 + all solid version: All-solid capacitors! Gigabit Ethernet card, with intelligent lightning protection anti-static device, the surge can be analyzed and identified, and in the confirmation of the moment to transport to the ground area, in order to achieve the most comprehensive protection.

Package II: Seven Rainbow H110M-T all solid version: All-solid-state capacitor! The new sixth-generation Skylake architecture supports a new generation of DDR4 memory, four-phase CPU power supply, independent PCB segmentation line audio module, dedicated audio capacitor for more pure audio experience!

*LED fan effect is for reference only, are optional ; Need to glare effect please contact customer service!
Xunying - assemble right, fun unlimited!