Four-color film millet ears 5 Xiaomi / millet | Millet phone 5 | Full Netcom Standard Edition

Four-color film millet ears 5 Xiaomi / millet | Millet phone 5 | Full Netcom Standard Edition

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Xiaomi / millet millet phone 5 full ...
  • CPU brand: Qualcomm
  • CPU Type: Other
  • Brand: Xiaomi / millet
  • Model: Millet phone standard version of the entire network 5
  • Time to market: 2016
  • Network Type: Mobile 4G / Unicom 4G / 4G Telecom
  • Style: Straight
  • Size: 5.15 inches
  • Colors: lavender white black gold
  • Package Type: official standard Package A Package II Package III Package IV Package five Package VI Package seven packages eight
  • Rear camera: 16 million
  • Operating System: MIUI
  • Additional features: OTG light sensor distance sensor electronic compass gravity sensor WIFI Internet television dual card dual standby HD video
  • Baby Condition: New
  • Service: Genius
  • Touch screen type: Capacitive
  • Run memory RAM: 3GB
  • Body memory: 32GB
  • Keyboard Type: virtual touch screen keyboard
  • Thickness: 7.25mm
  • Resolution: 1920 * 1080
  • Phone type: 4G mobile phone female mobile TV phone 3G mobile music phone camera phone fashion phone business phone smartphone
  • Battery Type: non-removable battery
  • Camera Type: dual cameras (front and rear)
  • Video Display Format: 1080P (Full HD D5)
  • Network mode: Multi-mode dual card
  • Number of cores: Quad-Core
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
  • Body thickness: 7.25mm
  • Release Type: Chinese mainland

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5 white millet, black, gold, purple before 20:00 SF payment can be made to place the same day

Full version Netcom -You can use the Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom 4G / 3G / 2G, more convenient, Dual card

Maijiu gifts below:
1. transparent protective shell
2. The special steel foil
3. headphone wire

4. Can good cell phone holder

5. millet 5 nano cut card reader

6. Lynx interest-free installments

7. Lynx points automatically credited into account

Official standard:
Charger × 1, data cable × 1, manual × 1, × 1 Warranty Card

Genuine licensed original unopened millet home support detection and identification!!

Package A:
Millet official standard + 5 full-screen cover steel membrane (White phone white hair, black phone Black)
+19 Yuan
Package II:
Millet official standard + 5 Type-C brand dedicated data line
+19 Yuan
Package three:
Official standard + millet piston headphones Colorful Edition
+29 Yuan
Package IV:
Official standard +Millet smart bracelet 1A Standard Edition
+69 Yuan
Package five:
Official standard + millet intelligent light sensing bracelet 1S Edition (Heart rate can be measured)
+99 Yuan
Package VI:
GW official standard + H06 Bluetooth Headset
+39 Yuan
Package VII:
Amoi official standard + mobile power 10,000 mA
+69 Yuan
Packages eight: Official standard +Screen broken screen warranty accident insurance +128 Yuan