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Germany to high tin stove TGK-GM150 / 200/250/300 lead-free thermostat small tin stove / pure titanium stove / tin pot

Germany to high tin stove TGK-GM150 / 200/250/300 lead-free thermostat small tin stove / pure titanium stove / tin pot
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: TGK
  • Item: TGK-GM250
  • Color classification: tak-GM150 (titanium) tak-GM200 (titanium) tak-GM250 (titanium) tak-GM300 (titanium) TGK-GM150 (titanium) TGK-GM200 (titanium) TGK-GM250 TGK-FX312 (square) TGK-FX312 (square) TGK-FX312 (square) TGK-FX315 (square) TGK-FX318 (square) TGK-FX3 (square) ) Tak-FX315E (square) tak-FX318E (square) tak-FX320E (square)
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Product number Power consumption temperature range Solder tank volume
Appearance volume
Melting amount
TGK-GM150 150 W 200 to 480 ° C Ф36x35 (H) mm 150 (L) x92.5 (W) x58 (H) 0.25
TGK-GM200 200 W 200 to 480 ° C Ф50x35 (H) mm 150 (L) x92.5 (W) x58 (H) 0.5
TGK-GM250 250 W 200 to 480 ° C Ф80x35 (H) mm 210 (L) x140 (W) x60 (H) 1.6
TGK-GM300 300 W 200 to 480 ° C Ф100x35 (H) mm 210 (L) x140 (W) x60 (H) 2.0

Note: TGK tin furnace for pure titanium tin pot,

Tak tin stove for stainless steel titanium tin pot.

· New design appearance, nice, more reliable and practical work;
· Tin pot made of imported pure titanium plate stretch, with high temperature, Naisuan Jian, anti-wear, non-stick tin, tin surface less oxidation and so on;
· With less tin, low power consumption, energy saving, heating up fast, long service life
· Japan original heating wire heating tube, heat long life;
· Electronic board temperature control, adjustable temperature, automatic temperature;
· Effective insulation technology, shortening the melting time, improve thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption;
· New electronic thermostat circuit design, the working temperature from 200-480 degrees between the arbitrary adjustment
Accessories easy to replace.

Scope of application: Applicable to transformers, coil pins tinned, P C B welding process is particularly suitable for electronic transformers, electronic wire production line.

Technical Parameters:
Input voltage: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz
Tin pot material: pure titanium
Power: 100W
Temperature range: 200 ℃ ~ 480 ℃
Amount of dissolved tin: 0.3Kg
Frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Tin pot on-line diameter: Φ36 * 30mm

1. Check whether the power supply is in line with the melting furnace.
2. melting furnace for the first time, because the heating element heating and slightly smoke, this is a normal phenomenon, will disappear after ten minutes, please rest assured that use.
3. Can not arbitrarily tap, disassemble and install other electric parts.
4. Keep in use when ventilated, dry, do not add other substances other than tin, do not put the flux into, or into the solder wire to melt. Should not work in a humid environment.
5. Tin furnace should be placed smoothly, around 0.5m can not be placed within the flammable and explosive and other items.
6. When the temperature of the body when the body has a 50-80 temperature, which is the normal temperature. Note that the high temperature, cut the body with the body to feel!
7. Do not turn off the power supply, in the unattended, do not put the melting furnace heating.
8. This product has a grounding device, be sure to take, can not be regarded as safe in disregard.
9. In order to extend the service life and reduce the oxidation of tin, do not blindly adjust the temperature to the highest, depending on the need.

The same type of product specifications:

FX Square Series Product Description

• High-power heating element, can quickly melt lead and tin
Microcomputer chip intelligent control, dual digital display, high precision, high thermal sensitivity, rapid temperature back
• Lead-free titanium tin pot high temperature, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, durable
• With set data, lock data function, the data can be saved for a long time, from the shutdown, power failure
• Has a sleep function, save energy, extend the tin pot life
• With automatic identification fault function, enhance the safety of tin stove

Product number Power consumption temperature range Solder tank volume
Appearance volume
Melting amount
TGK-FX303 250 W 200 to 600 ° C 55 (L) x55 (W) x45 (H) 265 (L) x145 (W) x122 (H) 1.32 2.25
TGK-FX305 500 W 200 to 600 ° C 100 (L) x70 (W) x45 (H) 327 (L) x175 (W) x115 (H) 2.3 3.4
TGK-FX306 600 W 200 to 600 ° C 110 (L) x80 (W) x45 (H) 327 (L) x175 (W) x115 (H) 2.7 3.5
TGK-FX308 800 W 200 to 600 ° C 100 (L) x100 (W) x45 (H) 327 (L) x175 (W) x115 (H) 3.2 3.5
TGK-FX309 900 W 200 to 600 ° C 140 (L) x100 (W) x45 (H) 397 (L) x205 (W) x115 (H) 4.5 4.5
TGK-FX310 1000 W 200 to 600 ° C 160 (L) x110 (W) x45 (H) 397 (L) x205 (W) x115 (H) 5.7 4.7
TGK-FX312 1200 W 200 to 600 ° C 180 (L) x140 (W) x45 (H) 446 (L) x245 (W) x115 (H) 8.2 5.6
TGK-FX315 1500 W 200 to 600 ° C 200 (L) x150 (W) x45 (H) 446 (L) x245 (W) x115 (H) 9.8 6.1
TGK-FX318 1800 W 200 to 600 ° C 250 (L) x160 (W) x45 (H) 536 (L) x285 (W) x115 (H) 13.1 7.2
TGK-FX320 2000 W 200 to 600 ° C 280 (L) x200 (W) x45 (H) 536 (L) x285 (W) x115 (H) 18.3 8.4