Tak high tin stove TGK-GM150 / 200/250/300 Pb-free furnace tune Wen Xiaoxi / titanium tin stove / tin pot

Tak high tin stove TGK-GM150 / 200/250/300 Pb-free furnace tune Wen Xiaoxi / titanium tin stove / tin pot

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: TGK
  • Product Number: TGK-GM250
  • Color Classification: tak-GM150 (Ti) tak-GM200 (Ti) tak-GM250 (Ti) tak-GM300 (Ti) TGK-GM150 (titanium) TGK-GM200 (titanium) TGK-GM250 (pure titanium) TGK-GM300 (titanium) TGK-FX310 (square) TGK-FX312 (square) TGK-FX315 (square) TGK-FX318 (square) TGK-FX320 (square) TGK-305 (square) TGK-308 (Square ) tak-FX315E (square) tak-FX318E (square) tak-FX320E (Square)
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering

Product number Power consumption temperature range Solder bath volume
Overall volume
The amount of molten tin
TGK-GM150 150 W 200~480℃ ф36x35 (H) mm 150 (L) x92.5 (W) x58 (H) 0.25
TGK-GM200 200 W 200~480℃ ф50x35 (H) mm 150 (L) x92.5 (W) x58 (H) 0.5
TGK-GM250 250 W 200~480℃ ф80x35 (H) mm 210 (L) x140 (W) x60 (H) 1.6
TGK-GM300 300 W 200~480℃ ф100x35 (H) mm 210 (L) x140 (W) x60 (H) 2.0

Note: TGK furnace as titanium solder pot,

tak tin stove is stainless steel titanium tin pot.

Product Features:
· New exterior design, elegant, more reliable and practical;
· Tin pan using imported titanium plate drawing made with high temperature, acid, wear-resistant, non-stick tin, tin oxide and less surface characteristics;
· Tin less power consumption, energy saving, heating up fast, long life
· Japanese original heating wire heating pipe, heating and long life;
· Electronic board thermostat, adjustable temperature, automatic temperature;
• Effective insulation technology to shorten the time of molten tin, improve thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption;
· New electronic thermostat circuit design, operating temperature between 200-480 degrees from arbitrary regulation
· Parts easy to replace.

Scope: For transformer coil lead tinning, P C B welding process is particularly suitable for electronic transformers, electronic wire production line.

Technical Parameters:
Input voltage: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz
Tin pot Material: Titanium
Power: 100W
Temperature range: 200 ℃ ~ 480 ℃
Soluble tin: 0.3Kg
Frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Tin pan on wire diameter: Φ36 * 30mm

1. Check the power melting furnace matches before use.
2. melting furnace for the first time, due to reheat the heating element and a slight smoke, which is a normal phenomenon will disappear after ten minutes, ease of use.
3. When not at liberty to percussion, part demolition and installation of other electric components.
4. use should be ventilated, dry, do not add other substances in addition to tin outside, place it into the flux, the solder melts or anti. Should not work in humid environments.
5. The furnace should be placed stable, not flammable and explosive place other items within the range of around 0.5m.
6. heating the outer body with a temperature of 50-80, which is the normal temperature. CAUTION HOT, with mince the flesh to feel!
7. After use turn off the power, unattended, do not tin melting furnace powered heating.
8. This product has a grounding device, be sure to take with the non-visible safety is at stake.
9. In order to extend the life and reduce the oxidation of tin, do not blindly the temperature was raised to the highest, please as required.

The same type of product specifications:

FX Square Product description

• High-power heater, quickly melting Tin
• microcomputer chip intelligent control, dual digital display, high precision, high thermal sensitivity, warmed rapidly
• Lead-free titanium solder pot temperature, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, durability
• setting data, data lock function, data can be stored for long periods without shutdown, outages
• has a sleep function, save energy and prolong the life of a tin pot
• fault with automatic recognition function, and enhance the security of tin stove

Product number Power consumption temperature range Solder bath volume
Overall volume
The amount of molten tin
TGK-FX303 250 W 200~600℃ 55 (L) x55 (W) x45 (H) 265 (L) x145 (W) x122 (H) 1.32 2.25
TGK-FX305 500 W 200~600℃ 100 (L) x70 (W) x45 (H) 327 (L) x175 (W) x115 (H) 2.3 3.4
TGK-FX306 600 W 200~600℃ 110 (L) x80 (W) x45 (H) 327 (L) x175 (W) x115 (H) 2.7 3.5
TGK-FX308 800 W 200~600℃ 100 (L) x100 (W) x45 (H) 327 (L) x175 (W) x115 (H) 3.2 3.5
TGK-FX309 900 W 200~600℃ 140 (L) x100 (W) x45 (H) 397 (L) x205 (W) x115 (H) 4.5 4.5
TGK-FX310 1000 W 200~600℃ 160 (L) x110 (W) x45 (H) 397 (L) x205 (W) x115 (H) 5.7 4.7
TGK-FX312 1200 W 200~600℃ 180 (L) x140 (W) x45 (H) 446 (L) x245 (W) x115 (H) 8.2 5.6
TGK-FX315 1500 W 200~600℃ 200 (L) x150 (W) x45 (H) 446 (L) x245 (W) x115 (H) 9.8 6.1
TGK-FX318 1800 W 200~600℃ 250 (L) x160 (W) x45 (H) 536 (L) x285 (W) x115 (H) 13.1 7.2
TGK-FX320 2000 W 200~600℃ 280 (L) x200 (W) x45 (H) 536 (L) x285 (W) x115 (H) 18.3 8.4