Export-oriented high-sensitivity 18 zone security metal detector doors factory large exhibition hall at the airport security gate

Export-oriented high-sensitivity 18 zone security metal detector doors factory large exhibition hall at the airport security gate

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Shen Exploration
  • Model: JN800D1

power supply:

AC85V ~ 264V / 47-64Hz




2222mm (height) X942mm (width) X695mm (deep)

Channel Size:

2000mm (height) X700mm (width) X656mm (deep)

Total Weight:

About 75kg

working environment:

-10℃- +55℃

Standards compliant:


Metal detector gate performance and features:

Display panel:

Selected LCD display panel, intuitive display, the operator is even more work.

English operation:

Use / English menu operation, simple and convenient.

Detection Area:

There are six detection area; there is a left, right, 18 detection zones, either a single location alarm and alarm at the same location can be more accurately determine the location of metal objects.

Alarm display area:

Right and left side door pillar built-in LED display can show the body height corresponding parts of the alarm location of metal objects directly through the pillar lights. Each location has a green light to distinguish between the various regions standby, red light green light off an alarm.

Audible alarm:

Using a large speaker alarm volume, 10 tones adjustable alarm sound high, low, no three options to adapt to different times and on different occasions of use.

Adjustable area sensibility:

The maximum sensitivity can detect metal paper clip size. 5-50 overall sensitivity levels, each level can be adjusted between 0-99 sensitivity region, pre-set metal objects weight, volume, size, location, coins can be removed, unnecessary alarm keys, jewelry, belt buckles and the like.

Strong anti-interference:

The ability to use digital and analog circuits and combining about balancing technology, and anti-interference magnetic damping technology, to prevent false alarms, omissions, to increase interference.

password protection:

Password protected, allowing only authorized personnel to operate, and more secure.

Remote operation:

On the panel work on the metal detector system is operated by the ultra-thin hand-held remote control.

Counting function:

Screen display can calculate the throughput and the number of alarms.

Harmless to human body:

The heart in the human body pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disks, tapes and other sound.

Power Security:


A closed broadband switching power supply, the whole power into the mainframe power supply through the switch startup and shutdown.

The JN800D1 type metal detector door products, divided into three parts: the left and right detection door and split the main chassis with lightweight aluminum column, Firewood combined into a detachable structure, door ABS plastic oversized gloves and cap having a stable seismic performance of waterproof, fireproof, rust, corrosion and stations.

Easy installation:

JN800D1 metal detector is integrated design, only a fixed wrench 6mm, 10 minutes to complete the installation or removal, random with installation of the operating instructions.


Available in checking the factory, prison, court, exhibition halls, stadiums, entertainment venues and other metal objects.

Security door and certification standard:


Pacemaker wearers or other support systems, pregnant women and magnetic media floppy disks, tapes, video tapes and other sound


Comply FAA'3- gun - testing standards and the safety standards of NILECJ-0601-00


Comply with the relevant electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility with international standards and EC rules E.M.C.


Complies with the radio interference radiation EN55011, FCC and VDE0875 standards


Products meet the "GB15210-2003"