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Export-type high-sensitivity 18-zone security doors metal detectors large-scale exhibition hall factory airport security doors

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Shen exploration
  • Model: JN800D1

power supply:

AC85V ~ 264V / 47-64Hz




2222mm (height) X942mm (width) X695mm (depth)

Channel Size:

2000mm (height) X700mm (width) X656mm (depth)

Total Weight:

About 75 kg

working environment:

-10℃- +55℃

Standards compliant:


Metal detection gate performance and features:

Display panel:

The use of LCD liquid crystal display panel, intuitive display, more benefits of operating personnel.

Chinese and English operation:

The use of Chinese / English menu-style operation, simple and convenient.

Detection area:

There are six detection zones; there are 18 left, middle and right detection area, both single-location alarm and multi-location alarm at the same time, accurate judgment of the location of metal objects.

Alarm area display:

The left and right side of the door column built-in LED display, can be displayed directly through the column lamp height of the corresponding parts of the metal parts of the alarm location.Each location has a green standby light to distinguish between the various regions, the alarm red light green light off.

Audible alarm:

The loudspeaker alarm volume, 10 tone adjustable, alarm sound high, low, no three options to adapt to different times and different occasions.

Regional sensitivity adjustable:

The maximum sensitivity can be detected to the size of the paper clip. The overall sensitivity of 5-50 levels, each level can be adjusted between 0-99 regional sensitivity, pre-set the weight of metal objects, size, size, location, coins can be removed, Keys, jewelry, belt buckle and other unwanted alarm.

Strong anti-interference:

Using digital and analog combination of circuit and balance technology, as well as anti-interference outside the magnetic field damping technology to prevent false alarms, omission, in order to improve the ability of anti-jamming.

password protection:

Password protection, allowing only authorized personnel to operate, more secure.

Remote operation:

Through the ultra-thin hand-held remote control in the panel on the metal detection door operating system to operate.

Counting function:

The on-screen display is able to count the number of personnel passes and the number of alarms.

Harmless to human body:

On the human heart pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disk, tape and other harmless.

Power Safety:


The power supply is switched on and off by the switch.

The JN800D1-type metal detection door products, divided into three parts: the left and right detection door and split the main chassis, the structure of light aluminum alloy columns, fire board combination into the demolition, the door of the ABS plastic oversized gloves and top cover With waterproof, fire, rust, corrosion and stability of the station's seismic performance.

Easy installation:

JN800D1 metal detection door is an integrated design, only a 6mm fixed wrench, 10 minutes to install or dismantle finished, random with the installation of operating instructions.


Can be used in factories, prisons, courts, exhibition halls, stadiums, places of entertainment such as metal items inspection.

Security door certification and compliance standards:


Wearing of heart pacemakers or other support systems, pregnant women and magnetic media Floppy disks, tapes, videotapes, etc.


Complies with the FAA'3-gun-test standard and all NILECJ-0601-00 safety standards


Compliance with the relevant international safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards E.M.C. and EC rules


Compliant with EN55011, FCC and VDE0875 standards for radio interference


Products meet the "GB15210-2003"