Smart Mouse NF-816 | underground cable detection equipment | dark line to the line Hunter | high-power line-seeking

Smart Mouse NF-816 | underground cable detection equipment | dark line to the line Hunter | high-power line-seeking

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: shrewd mouse
  • Model: NF-816
  • Product number: NF-816
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects

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Brand: Shrewd mouse
model: NF-816
Name: Underground cable detection hunt
Origin: Guangdong Shenzhen
product description:
(1) the design of the underground cable detectors are mainly used for underground or wall after the non-live cable This detector is also capable of position detection of special circuit breakers, and thus can be used In the drilling or excavation to determine the location of the line before the line to find the general range of effective up to To a depth of 350 meters and a depth of 0.5 meters.
(2) The test equipment is equipped with 816T transmitter, thumb wheel can be used to open or close The launch assembly, in addition can also adjust the alligator clip opening strength to adapt to different wires. The rotary switch can be switched between 'Cable scan' and 'Battery test'Resistant plastic construction and powered by a 9V battery.
(3) is equipped with 816R-type receiver, you can use the thumb wheel to open the component or Adjust the gain strength of the receiver. Receiver is equipped with a receiving antenna with 1 meter long Cable, in addition to equipped with a white LED lighting and external headphones. Receiver for impact resistance Plastic construction and powered by 9V battery.
(4) Alligator clip test leads can be connected directly to the emitter transmitter with the power cord, CATV Cable, telephone lines into the household and other metal pipe connected.
(5) The positioning detection system is generally stored in the kit or box, the package by the backup battery, Transmitter, receiver, headset, and operating instructions on the back of the kit.

Product Features:
1. Underground cable positioning and detection.
2. Cable positioning and detection.
3. Wall cable positioning and detection.
4. Drilling position standard positioning.
5. Confirmation of the corresponding outlet on a particular line.
6. Alarm, audio and computer data cable positioning.
7. Stealth socket positioning.