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'' And the (SANWA) CD800A / CD770 / CD771 / CD772 / CD732 digital multimeter

'' And the (SANWA) CD800A / CD770 / CD771 / CD772 / CD732 digital multimeter
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Product parameters:

  • Item: CD series
  • CD81A official standard CD770 official standard CD771 official standard CD772 official standard CD732 official standard TL-61Ta 'spare original gold-plated table pen CD800A with' TL-23a 'spare original gold-plated table pen CD770 with' TL-23a ' Original gold-plated table pen CD771 with 'TL-25a' spare original gold-plated table pen CD772 with 'TL-25a' spare original gold-plated table pen CD732 '
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects
  • Work: digital display
  • Accuracy: Other
  • Brand: Sanwa / three and
  • Model: CD series

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* Multi-function, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature testing

* 3 3/4-digit display data lock automatically shut down

Founded in 1941, Sanwa Electric Meter Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of field test instruments in Japan.It mainly produces all kinds of analog multimeters, digital multimeters, clamp meters and other kinds of test instruments.It has been exported to Japan since 1954 Countries, after several generations of people and the unremitting efforts, is now more than 70 countries and regions in the world to establish a sales agent system so that users around the world can be used to the desirable and the three products.

Sanwa products have been sold to China for 30 years and established a Hong Kong office in 1994 as a base for the Chinese market, and in 2012, Sanwa will further cooperate with domestic agents and distributors in China. , Establish and improve after-sales service system, so that more Chinese users can rest assured that the use of the three and the products.
As a medium and long-term plan, the three and will broaden the product line, the development of more suitable for the Chinese market products, better meet the testing needs of all walks of life at the same time, implement the concept of user supreme, establish into China, China, and China with the development of the principle of testing for China's environmental protection and contribute to their own a force.