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'To send a trial' curious gold paper diapers NB70 +10 ultra-thin breathable neonatal urine is not wet

'To send a trial' curious gold paper diapers NB70 +10 ultra-thin breathable neonatal urine is not wet
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: HUGGIES / Curious Gold Super Soft ...
  • Packing quantity (piece): 80
  • Brand: HUGGIES / curious
  • Curious series: Gold ultra-soft close
  • Specifications: NB70 +10 tablets
  • Diapers specifications: NB70 +10 tablets
  • Applicable age: Freshman 1 month 2 months 3 months
  • Diapers specifications Model: NB
  • Applicable Gender: General
  • Urine is not wet Category: diapers
  • For weight: 5kg or less
  • Origin: Mainland China

Warehouses random arrangements Yuantong Express and postal packet,

Single winter urine output, need to frequently change!
Summer part of the sweat gland discharge, a single small amount of urine.

Common problems for diapers, curiosity also made an official explanation of Oh ~
Q. New to buy curiosity diapers found smell? The baby will be hurt?
The taste you mentioned may be the taste of raw materials, because when the raw material is more fresh when they will distribute their own flavor
Road, all the raw materials used in diapers are through the security test, we will not add
Plus any of the baby health hazards of raw materials, because this Please rest assured that the use of the smell if found,
We recommend that you open the product packaging, in a clean environment for proper ventilation, the smell will slowly eliminate


Q. How to identify the real product of curiosity?
At present, we through a wide range of market monitoring, has not yet found a curious fake, due to production
The process of packaging the color of the printing bags and bags of different thickness, may make consumers feel is fake,
So the authenticity of the package through the authenticity of the difficulty is very large, not accurate. Therefore, the face of this party
Face doubts, it is recommended to call the official phone to verify the true and false (curious diaper official customer service

Words: (phone call) 400-880-8096; 800-886-0018 (fixed telephone call))

Q. After wearing a leakage phenomenon, which is why?
Curious product is a highly absorbent product, in the correct use of the process does not produce leakage.
Leakage problems, it is recommended to refer to the correct use of methods, and may be related to the size of the size, there may be
Time is too long, you need to replace the (winter urine output, the proposed two and a half hours for a), with particular attention to
Of the baby is moving, there has been offset the situation, there are loosening of the situation, so please parents in the
At this point slightly adjust the degree of tightness of the diaper, leakage of urine can also be familiar with the situation slowly after use

(Mom and Dad have to quickly learn to correctly use Oh)

Q. After the baby with a PP redness phenomenon, how do?
The problem of causing PP redness is very complex, the most important reason is not promptly replaced, the retention of urine
Liquid or feces resulting in increased humidity in the skin of the buttocks, urine of the 'ammonia' substances will baby delicate skin
Resulting in irritation, coupled with skin friction and PH increase, eventually causing inflammation, so in each large,
, Should be thoroughly cleaned the child is covered with diaper skin area, and wait for its dry and then put on a new diaper.

Cleaning must not be forced, because that may damage the child's skin.

Q. Why, after use, there will be 'small particles'?
You pay attention to the fact that the particulate matter is a polymer absorbent material, at present, these macromolecule materials
All over the curiosity of diapers, which is very safe because of curiosity diapers is the use of ultra-thin soft
Of the design, the proportion of water particles is relatively high, sometimes it will touch, when they absorb water
Then it will become soft and small transparent beads. This is not affected you have to use, on the contrary, it is these absorbent beads in the

Provide excellent water and lock water capacity.

Q. Why did you buy this thin (thick), long (short) than before?
According to the People's Republic of light industry standards, QB / T 2493-2000, April 1, 2001 implementation,
Grid baby diapers weight error of plus or minus 20%, high-quality diapers weight error between 10%.
One of the reasons for the country to establish this weight error standard is out of the diaper line production process requirements.
As the production process will have some differences between batches, so you may encounter when buying the product
Regardless of thin and thick or long and short there will be some differences, as long as the error within the standard requirements, all
Is a qualified product, please rest assured that use.
If there are other questions, please call curiosity official service, providing 24 hours a day online after-sales service!
(Phone call) 400-880-8096; 800-886-0018 (fixed telephone call))