WAYOS FBM-6001W dual-band wireless router WeChat WIFI advertising marketing behavior management

WAYOS FBM-6001W dual-band wireless router WeChat WIFI advertising marketing behavior management

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: wayos FBM-6001W
  • Brand: wayos
  • Model: FBM-6001W
  • Color classification: BUCEROS / character
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • Wireless transmission speed: 300Mbps
  • Cable transmission rate: 10 / 100Mbps
  • Wireless transmission rate: 300Mbps
  • Network standards: 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n 802.11ac
  • Wireless network support frequency: 2.4G & 5G
  • Applicable to: Broadband VPN Router Internet cafes dedicated broadband router Enterprise Routers Network Security Routers Multiservice Routers Modular Access Routers Carrier-class high-end routers Broadband Routers Mini-Wireless Routers Home
  • USB interface quantity: 1 个
  • Whether to support VPN: support
  • Yes No Built-in firewall: Yes
  • WDS support: Yes
  • Whether to support WPS: support
  • Removable: Removable
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops
  • Condition: New
  • Gross weight: 2KG

Wisdom WIFI management background
Http: // clientwamwificom
/ (Copy to browser open)
After purchase, please provide the wisdom of WIFI background registration information (do not allow self-registration, you need to manually open an account for your agent) to facilitate the opening of your background account.
username : (English number combination, do not use Chinese, spaces or special characters, do not support the amendment after registration)
Industry : (Gourmet, Hotel, Entertainment, Other)
login password : (Please provide the default mobile phone number, registered to modify)
Business Name : (Similar to the company name)
Business address : (Company registered address)
Wireless SSID : (Wireless name)

After the above information to be opened to be opened.After the opening of the need to add the device using the authorization number (agent to add), the authorized number please log router: /sq.htm view installation of the authorization file), the installation of the authorization file (a string of characters) copy to us.

WIFI Wisdom Products Web site:

Www.wamwifi.com (copy to browser open)
Sign-up Procedure (Agent Operation) :
Http: // wwwwayoscom / support / FAQ / 20160315 / 1214html
WIFI Tutorial:
Http: //wwwwayoscom / support / FAQ / jiaochengzhidao_baojiaohui / 20150625 / 922html

Help Center:
Http: // helpwamwificom /

Wimeng know:

Http: // wwwwayoscom / support / FAQ /
Note: SMS authentication: by the user to send Internet SMS request, the business returns a password SMS, business to return a password SMS charges by normal SMS, SMS recharge please contact customer service.

Reminder: Some features are charges, please know!
Merchant platform of the two functional modules 'billing module -100 yuan / year' and 'micro-promotion -300 yuan / year' need to buy before use, there are three business recharge methods, namely online banking recharge, TenPay and line Under the payment, the user can choose, online banking online recharge and TenPay are through the online recharge into account.
Wayos Wifi WiFi platform 'billing module' tutorial

Http: // wwwwayoscom / support / FAQ / jiaochengzhidao_baojiaohui / 20150516 / 800html (Copy to the browser to open.) This function is equivalent to open an account to the user to use, to achieve timing fees.

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