Packet debugging | Logitech c920 HD YY computer network | beauty live camera-free drive anchor

Packet debugging | Logitech c920 HD YY computer network | beauty live camera-free drive anchor

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Logitech / Logitech C920
  • Appearance: cartoon
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Andrews Ali YunOS
  • Need drive: Free Driver
  • Internet connection: a wired connection
  • Color Classification: Logitech C920 + send Tripod + without debugging is sent M215 mouse c920 send (mobile power + 16G high-speed U disk + Lynx Mopan + Tripod) C920 Webcam C920 Get professional tripod Logitech C920 + Get tripod + Professional debugging C920 C920 send millet slim charging treasure millet LED lights c920 + Get professional tripod + 16G high-speed U disk Toshiba C920 Toshiba send 16G flash drive C920 send 10,000 mA mobile power + Lynx doll
  • Pixel: Other / other
  • Sensor type: CMOS
  • Maximum resolution: 1280x720
  • Condition: New
  • Additional features: built-in microphone
  • Brand: Logitech / Logitech
  • Model: C920

Professional package debugging

Logitech setter are long-term study and training before the official sale posts, and have enough experience in commissioning, operation of skilled multiple platforms, please rest assured debugging effect!

Pro: Since Darwin system can not be modified, Gifts of pictures prevail!

The new Logitech HD video camera C930E, please watch! Thank you

Logitech C920 ---Suitable for anchor, home, business video conferencing, pro, in order to do a better service, we can help you debug free webcam

Tip: network anchor pro, you are recommended minimum 10M, best 20M, 720P network requirement is 1Mbps, 1080P network requirement is 2Mbps, if the network is too slow will result in compression quality, it will cause local looked clear , others looked fuzzy!

Once a customer said to me: I bought more than 100 camera, also bought more than 200 camera but not a day to buy a home is happy.

I asked why the pro?

He said: you find it cheaper camera at that moment your payment is fun, but to buy a home no day is happy expensive camera at that moment your payment is distressed buy a home?.. when every day is happy.

Finally, the customer gave me to the conclusion that the quality of your products, your people and then taste. We feel it?