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Specials | small manual plastic installed + indentation + Cutter Package | tender binding machine gifts generous

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Product parameters:

  • Binding machine brand: Wing large
  • Model: JB-2 Package

Technical Parameters:
The basic parameters
The thickness of the system up to: 40 mm

The system format up to: 310 * 430 (A4 long side and A3 short side)

Preheating time: 15 minutes

Indentation width: 310 mm

Temperature control: electronic temperature control

Playing hair: a hair knife

Power supply: 220V

Net weight: 28kg

Machine features:
1, with electronic temperature control, with constant temperature function
2, the new grinding machine, can make the system more firmly
3, for typing copy shop, business, government agencies and small printing and so on
4, according to different thickness of the cover, you can adjust the system of the pressure

This machine adopts unique hardcover system, which is economical, convenient and convenient. The diploma is fast and easy to apply. It is most suitable for copying shops, enterprises, offices and small printing.

Rong Dabi This machine is unique in paperback and hardcover molds, to facilitate the production of different types of covers and documents, paperback, hardcover and other types of style and taste.

The unique design of the patented design is suitable for all kinds of publications with thickness less than 400g, while the unique paperboard glue-filling design system makes the paper binding and making After the more solid, strong.

model: SG-20 multi-function indentation machine

Function: Dotted knife, straight knife, wave knife, chamfer, indentation
Product size: 515 * 286 * 69mm
Cutting method: cutter + wheel
Maximum cutting size: A4
Gross weight: 4KG
Carton size: 565 * 40 * 350mm.

Main features:

6 in 1 paper cutter (real multi-purpose knife)

The multi-function knife includes three types of blades:Straight knife / dotted knife / wave knife. Users can choose one according to need.

Cutting method:Cut multi-function type> knife + knife type

First function: Cutting capacity: guillotine type: 10 (70K paper)

Second function: Slip-type is Three in one head : Straight knife / 5 sheets (70K paper)

Third function: Dotted knife / 3 pieces

Fourth function: Wave knife / 3 pieces

Fifth function: Chamfer / 1 piece (can be cut into rounded corners of the paper)

The sixth function: Available for hand-held design