Specials | small manual installation of plastic + + cutter indentation Packages | binding bids machines generous gifts

Specials | small manual installation of plastic + + cutter indentation Packages | binding bids machines generous gifts

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Binding machine Brand: Wing
  • Model: JB-2 Package

Technical Parameters:
I. Basic parameters
The thickness up system: 40 mm

Made up of the format: 310 * 430 (A4 and A3 long side short side)

Warm-up time: 15 minutes

Indentation width: 310 mm

Temperature control: electronic temperature control

Way to fight hair: hair knife fight

Power: 220V

Weight: 28kg

Machine features:
1, an electronic temperature control with thermostat function
2, the new grinding machine, make this system more secure
3, for typing copy shops, businesses, institutions and small printing houses
4. The cover of different thickness, you can adjust the pressure of the system

Wing made this machine uses a unique system in this way hardcover, economical, convenient and diploma on plastic fast, simple and best suited for copy shops, businesses, institutions and small print use.

Wing made the machine unique paperback and hardcover mold to facilitate different types of cover and document production, paperback, hardcover equation type and taste.

Wing system boot the machine can be used for different thickness files without debugging unique patented design, suitable for all kinds of 400 grams or less the thickness of the publication while the unique fan paper Glue design system that allows binding document was prepared after this more solid and strong.

model: SG-20 Multifunction creasing machine

Function: dotted line knife, straight knife, wavy knife, chamfering, indentation
Product size: 515 * 286 * 69mm
Cutter approach: Wheel Cutter +
Maximum cutter size: A4
Carton size: 565 * 40 * 350mm.

Main Features:

6 in 1 Cutter (true multi-purpose knife)

Multifunction knife slide includes three blades:Straight knife / cutter dotted line / wave knife. Users may need to select one.

Crop mode:Multifunctional cutting> cutter-type knife slide +

1 features: Cutting capacity: guillotine: 10 (70K paper)

2 features: Knife is slippery Triple head : Straight knife / 5 (70K paper)

3 functions: Dotted line knife / 3

4th function: Wave knife / 3

5 features: Chamfering / 1 (at right angles to the sheet can be cut into fillets)

6 functions: For portable design