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Flatbed HD High Speed ​​A3 Document Scanner Color File File Scanning

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Founder / Founder
  • Founder Model: Z2400
  • Scanning element: CCD
  • Scanner Type: Flatbed Scanner Document Scanner
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Maximum format: A3
  • Interface type: USB2.0
  • Optical resolution (dpi): 1200x1200 dpi

Tips: If you are not sure to use, please do not unpack and power, so as not to affect the secondary sales can not be returned.

product description:

For the printing, advertising, archives, and so on the field of large-format scanner Z2400, he can meet the traditional image quality requirements, but also has the speed, more low prices, your scanner replacement products.

High optical resolution -1200 dpi

Super speed - 9 seconds (200dpi, A3 color, black and white, grayscale), 11.5 seconds (300dpi, A3 color, black and white, grayscale)

WYSIWYG 7 shortcut keys, a key Word, a key PDF, a key XLS, a key copy, a key to send mail, a key to generate searchable PDF. Very convenient to set a variety of scanning methods

High image quality -CCD scanning device, comes with a variety of image processing software

Specific parameters:

Product Configuration

Photosensitive element


Scan the light source


Optical resolution

1200 dpi


12000dpi x12000dpi

Scan mode

48-bit true color, 16-bit grayscale, 1 bit black and white



Scanning speed

9 seconds (200dpi, A3 color, black and white, gray), 11.5 seconds (300dpi, A3 color, black and white, gray)

Scanning area

A3, 304.8 mm x 431.8 mm (or 12 'x 17')

Product Dimensions (W x D x H)

400 x 623 x 130 mm / 15.5 'x 24.5' x 5.1 '

net weight

6.4Kg / 14.081b

Support for operating systems

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Software functions: automatic cutting, automatic correction, automatic calibration, color filter function;
OCR Optical Character Recognition Software

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