Feng Shui luck grand opening of pure copper ornaments zodiac ox tiger rabbit rat snake horse sheep monkey pig Jigou

Feng Shui luck grand opening of pure copper ornaments zodiac ox tiger rabbit rat snake horse sheep monkey pig Jigou

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: the ambitious luck
  • Appearance: Animals
  • Color Classification: Small rat cow 4931 4897 Trumpet Trumpet Trumpet rabbit tiger 4411 4926 4410 Long Trumpet Trumpet Trumpet Horse Snake 4927 4899 4930 sheep trumpet trumpet trumpet chicken monkey 4898 4412 4929 Trumpet Trumpet Dog Pig 4928 Queen mouse 3942N13 cattle 3942N14 Queen Queen Queen 3942N15 tiger rabbit dragon 3942N17 3942N16 Queen Queen Queen snake 3942N18 horse 3942N19 3942N20 Queen Queen sheep monkey chicken 3942N22 3942N21 Queen Queen Queen pig dog 3942N23 3942N24
  • Material: Copper
  • Product Number: ZU4899
  • Application of space: living room den office shop
  • Style: Modern Chinese
  • Function: Lucky
  • Decoration Type: Desktop Decoration

[Copper] Zodiac Decoration
Zodiac, by eleven kinds of animals from nature That rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, pig and legendary dragon composed for the record, the order arranged offspring, ugly cow, Yin tiger, Mao rabbit, Chenlong, had a snake, horse afternoon, sheep, monkey, Rooster, dog Xu, Hai pigs. is widely used in many countries and peoples. there are many poets write poems depicting the zodiac. Meanwhile, zodiac also used traditional Chinese medicine and animation name.
Zodiac of our country in pairs, six cycle, we reflected on our Chinese ancestors were all expectations and requirements.

The first group: Rat and Ox Rat of wisdom, hard work on behalf of both the cattle must be closer together, if only wisdom is not diligent, it becomes a little smarter, just hard-working, not brains, it becomes stupid. so we must combine the two, and this is our first ancestor of the Chinese people's expectations and demands of the group, it is also an important group.
The second group: Tiger & Bunny Tiger representatives brave, cautious rabbit on behalf of the two must work closely together, in order to achieve the so-called brave bold but cautious if left cautious, it becomes reckless, and blindly cautious. becomes timid. this group is also very important, so second place.
Group III: dragon and snake dragon Tough representatives, representatives of the snake so-called flexibility are easy to just fold, just a too easily broken; soft and easy too weak, too soft it is easy to lose so independent that our firmness and flexibility. the ancient teachings of our forefathers.
Group IV: horses and sheep on behalf of the indomitable horse towards the goals and sheep on behalf of the unity and harmony of the Chinese nation is a big family, we need unity and harmony of the internal environment, only collective harmony, we can free hand to pursue its own. ideal if a person serving its own interests, not pay attention to unity, harmony, inevitably placing an order. Therefore, the individual and collective harmony Endeavour must tightly together.
The fifth group: a monkey and chicken monkey representatives flexible, regular chicken crow, representatives constant flexibility and constant must firmly if you combine light and flexible, there is no constant, no matter how good policy can not be obtained after the harvest but if.... you just said constant pool of stagnant water, a piece of iron, then we would not have today's reform and opening up. only very harmony between them combined, on the one hand with the stability, maintaining the overall harmony and order, on the other hand We can continue to work to move forward.
Group VI: a dog and a pig is a dog represents loyalty, pigs are representative of a person if it is too easy-going loyalty, do not know how easy-going, it will exclude others, in turn, a person who is easy-going, no loyalty, this person will lose... principle. so whether it is for a nation-state loyalty, team loyalty, or loyalty to their ideals, must be closely combined with the easy-going, so that it really easy to keep deepest loyalty. this is what we Chinese people has always insisted on the cylindrical side, gentlemen and diversity.
[Defends] bronze
The role of copper metal in feng shui is evil and evil of five yellow and two Pitch first is because copper is golden yellow, yellow righteousness, and copper is an ancient very important metal, ancient people worshiped nature, and copper is the metal they were very important, and the color is golden yellow, so copper special worship, produce copper and have a legend that is created by the metal gods, now handed down in Feng Shui inside, there are evil spirits and copper of five yellow evil, two Heisha role.
1, the first place and wearing time 7:00 to 9:00 between.
2, do not let outsiders touch, except for immediate family members of human relationships.
3. In case of careless dirt, water, etc. in case of touch others, or need to be cleaned and degaussing methods are: degaussing main wash with brine, (note; do not use bleach, toothpaste, soap, etc.), and then at 11 when the time is 13:00 pm and drying one hour. (11:00 to 13:00 belong to noon, noon is the yang strong moments)