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Flying feather | FY-04SX2X-30 electric faucet | instant hot water faucet shower rapid heating kitchen

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Feiyu FY-04SX2X-30
  • Time to market: 2015-6
  • Net weight: 1.1kg
  • Heating power: 3000W
  • Packing size: 232x113x275mm
  • Brand: Feiyu
  • Model: FY-04SX2X-30
  • Stacking layer limit: 4 layers
  • Size: 120x95x350mm
  • Gross weight: 1.4kg
  • Wire section requirements: 1.5 square mm
  • Water: under the water
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • Color Category: White
  • Style: single handle single hole
  • Whether the rotation: can be rotated

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