Air bangs wig short hair female | bobo head Liu Qi fluffy wig bob wig entire top

Air bangs wig short hair female | bobo head Liu Qi fluffy wig bob wig entire top

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Dai Mei Yan thin wire teenage sensation wig
  • Brand: Dai Meisi
  • Wig single product: a sense of skinny girl wig color
  • Color Category: chestnut brown (8 sets to send care) chestnut brown chocolate dark brown light brown (8 sets to send care) chocolate dark brown (8 sets to send care) light brown
  • Suitable for: fashion women
  • Hair Material: High temperature wire
  • Wig bangs Category: Qi Liu
  • Wig hair: BOBO head
  • Style: sweet and lovely
  • Effect: Hair blossoms
  • Cosmetic features: repair face by age

Why choose nursing eight sets?

1, Portal: $ 500 million (super-elastic deformation is not easy) wig essential goods, used to wrap your hair, you can better with a wig (general Before you have to wear a wig with a hair net, so you can make the wig look more natural!)

2, frame: the value of 15 yuan, when the wig or no wig wig to dry the washed and put on the stand can make the wig more natural supple, can delay Peruke life of Oh!

3, care solution: $ 900 million, wig wearing companion, before wearing spray some Dai Mei Esther system care solution, you can make a wig reduce frizz, dry, Tie, unmanageable problems! Help keep the wig maintain water balance, smooth and soft and easy to comb!

4, the airbag comb: the value of 16 yuan, comb tooth head has a dot, massage can play a role when the hair, comb it on a flat surface and each A comb will encounter resistance inclined, this feature ensures that when combing the wig, do not scratch the bottom snood and will not stretch or pull off hair!

5, pointed tail comb: $ 600 million, used to do modeling wig, curls essential Oh!

6, a wide-tooth comb: $ 800 million, a wide-tooth comb, wide spacing, less likely to get stuck or damage hair wig, big row comb solve daily care of wigs Problems!

7, the word folder: $ 400 million, fixed hair good helper!

8, wavy hair bands: the value of $ 5, a modified wig, make a wig look more natural and realistic!