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(DIAS) series of 120-inch 16: 9 electric screen | the United States as the smart electric projection screen

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Product parameters:

  • Curtain brand: the United States as
  • Model: Electric screen (120 inch / white screen / 16: 9)
  • Curtain material: white plastic gray plastic
  • Curtain type: electric screen
  • Size: 101 inches (inclusive) -150 inches (inclusive)
  • Proportion: 16: 9
  • Gain multiplier: 1x

The United States as the GRANDVIEW brand enjoys a high reputation in the world, overseas, the United States as the best-selling US, Canada, France, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Iran Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions.
In China, the United States as the basis of domestic projection screen market needs, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing set up offices, established a national network of radiation, so that the brand projection screen GRANDVIEW famous Chinese projection screen market, and prison Firmly occupy the projection screen high-end brand in the forefront.
Grandview has the world's leading production technology and stylish and elegant design, its stability and safety in line with the world's standards, the Americas 'UL', Europe 'CE' and other international certification mark, the United States as no one Fully through its testing standards, which means that the user's use of safe, reliable, desirable.

1, curtain production: Canada BC, curtains and accessories all imports, domestic assembly.
2, the curtain: the United States as the glass curtain, white plastic curtain of the curtain by the US professional glass fiber mesh rules woven from random, the expansion rate of only 1%. Fiberglass curtain, more smooth, not easy to deformation, longer life.
1) bead curtain: The use of advanced technology, electrostatic adsorption technology, five special materials special adhesive treatment, the beads evenly adsorbed on the cloth on the surface of the small beads on the surface, , So that the reflection brightness increases, the text, images and data show bright and delicate. Enhanced reflection viewing angle, full-screen 2.8 times the high gain, and the best viewing angle of 70 degrees, to help you achieve the true sense of the real, visual feast. The glass curtain fabric with a long time do not fade, not yellow, no deformation, no smell, anti-crease, flame retardant.
2) The United States as the white plastic curtain: The screen cloth is white, bright, long-term use does not fade, not yellow, no distortion, no smell, no smell, Anti-wrinkle, fire-retardant Use special photosensitive material to prevent light scattering, viewing angle of up to 100 degrees, the gain factor of 1.0 times, light distribution, colorful and lifelike.
3) The United States as the flexible PS series curtain: US special flexible curtain PS series, the screen engraved with micro-fine diamond pattern, fine texture, texture smooth and smooth, effectively eliminate the light ripples and reflective at the same time, can the quality of primary color saturation, visual wide, regardless of the viewer sitting at which angle, are Can see the same clear and bright picture .Full screen to reach 0.8 times the high gain, and the best viewing angle of 100 degrees, the solid color of the screen surface tone, the performance of rich and delicate levels of light and dark contrast bright bright and not dazzling, texture full, transparent Feeling extraordinary

1.RoHS testing. For the manufacture of projection screens of all spare parts must be rigorous testing, even inside a screw are in line with environmental standards.
2. R & D has advantages, focusing on independent research and development, personality first
3. As the United States are imported curtains, white plastic screen angle reached 160 degrees, which is snow, JK and other screen can not be achieved
4. US-screen are four-layer composite structure. Framework for the glass fiber, and many other brands are chemical fiber screen
5. After-sales service advantages. As the United States and their strength as the absolute brand of confidence, life-long curtain maintenance. Warranty period of 3 years, the warranty period of non-human problems are free maintenance.
6. The United States as the screen can do 500-inch maximum, and the effect is very good. Many other manufacturers do conventional 100-inch 120-inch short period of time may not see the problem, frequent problems over time, and such a large size fundamental Can not produce
7. Brand advantage. As the brand has been in the domestic high-end market accounted for most of the share, of which the East China market is to reach 70-75% market share in the projection screen industry plays a leading role
8. As the focus on the United States and do soft screen, so professional and excellent.
9. The United States as the soft-screen variety

'Name' as the United States as the electric screen (DIAS Series)
'Scope' business, education, home theater
'Product Features'
Quality is not a selling point, but the necessary conditions ... ... brand products, always more attention to detail, through the choice of more sophisticated materials, the implementation of more sophisticated technology to achieve a more refined performance ... Innovation, The combination of rigorous technology and the art of personality, to create a copy of DIAS DIAS ... ...
product description
DIAS DIASI series of intelligent remote control electric projection screen
1) comes with intelligent infrared remote control
2) anti-counterfeiting two-color silk screen over a long time
3) all-round installation bracket wall / lifting safe
4) The use of quiet high-speed tubular motor
5) glass fiber-based diffuse reflection white plastic curtain