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Authentic adidas adidas | summer men's sports shorts | foot basketball running fitness pants

Authentic adidas adidas | summer men's sports shorts | foot basketball running fitness pants
Product code: 11641900030
Unit price 12.63$
Sold quantity 22288
Available stock 2465

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Adidas / Adidas Male Sports ...
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Color classification: Z21563- white F50573- orange white Z21562-red Z21561-blue Z21564 white / white Z21560-black S99153- blue and white BJ9227-white black BJ9226-red and white BK4766-black and white
  • Paragraph number: Z21561
  • Brand: Adidas / Adidas
  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Tag price: 99
  • Pants placket: elastic
  • Pants long: shorts
  • Fabric material: polyester
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Clothing style details: brand LOGO
  • Sports Outdoors: Soccer
  • Function: breathable
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: S European Code 175 / 80A M Ou Code 180 / 88A L Ou Code 185 / 96A XL Ou Code 190 / 104A 2XL Ou Code 190 / 112A
  • Sports Series: Men's Football

Pro, please be sure to look here!

Recently for this baby some of the questions, small two here to explain to you some of the pro:


Q: This is no pocket, loose, is fake!

A: pro, this is Adidas this year out of sports shorts, pay attention to sports shorts, there is no pocket, it is not casual shorts ah, small two really wronged, this section itself is designed to fit the sport, whether it is Basketball, football, running, fitness, badminton are very suitable, breathable and loose is its characteristics ... ...

Q: 'at first glance to see is fake' ....

A: This is a question really do not know how to explain the two, the so-called one is how a little, two recommendations in the shorts after the hand to get the counter to identify the professional identification, but pro, do not just find a The quick way is to use the practical scanning tool to sweep the bar code, so there will not be any doubt, pro!

Q: 'No authorization'

A: pro, such as Adidas this brand into the day cat is to provide trademark registration card, brand authorization certificate, quality inspection report and the product information, after layers of audit in order to sell. On the bottom of the page drop.

Pro, the shop is really sincere holding the customer first, service-oriented concept in the business shop, with your support, the store can go step by step, but as long as the transaction, there will always be such a problem, and sometimes Looking at the sale of the counter because of the cheap and encountered when the question, the small two of the heart is really like a knife to scratch the same a shorts, a price, and some customers feel very good cost-effective, small two sincere Happy; some customers think it is not worth, cost is not high, small two will be sincere to tell pro, as long as no impact on secondary sales, shop is 7 days no reason to return!

Pro, this Adi sports shorts for breathable thin section, no pocket, very comfortable oh ~ ~

Now many customers reflect this baby is too small, small two to provide their own try on the data: 170cm / 70kg to wear M code just, according to the normal size of the words may be small Oh, so we recommend you carefully buy! The