Taiwan Po workers MT-7601 Fiber Optical Power Meter

Taiwan Po workers MT-7601 Fiber Optical Power Meter

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Pro 'skit / Po workers
  • Model: MT-7601
  • Item No: MT-7601
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering

MT-7601 Fiber Optical Power Meter

  • MT-7601 is a testable six different wavelengths of light fiber loss tester for inspection and testing fiber optic cabling and maintenance of the optical path. Ergonomic handheld design, light weight, easy to operate.
  • Without complex conversion, it can easily measure: support for FC / SC / ST fiber optic connectors (LC connector to be sold separately).
  • Six kinds of light wavelength fiber loss test: 850nm / 1300nm / 1310nm / 1490nm / 1550nm / 1625nm
  • Automatically identify three common frequency: 2 kHz, 1 kHz, 270 Hz.
  • Backlit LCD display panel: easy reading, even dark work environment can be easily measured.
  • Reference value setting: You can set the current value of the laser light source as a new reference value
  • Complete protection, incorporating convenient portable: with shock protection cover and pouch for easy carrying and storage.