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High-temperature high-temperature oil asbestos sheet gasket gasket asbestos asbestos sheet asbestos gasket high temperature

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fel
  • Model: XE-1000128
  • Color Classification: 0.1m * 0.1m * 0.5mm 0.1m * 0.1m * 1mm 0.1m * 0.1m * 1.5mm 0.1m * 0.1m * 2mm 0.1m * 0.1m * 3mm 0.1m * 0.1m * 5mm 0.2m * 0.2m * 0.5mm 0.2m * 0.2m * 1mm 0.2m * 0.2m * 1.5mm 0.2m * 0.2m * 2mm 0.2m * 0.2m * 3mm 0.2m * 0.2m * 5mm 0.3m * 0.3m * 0.5mm 0.3 M * 0.3m * 1mm 0.3m * 0.3m * 1.5mm 0.3m * 0.3m * 2mm 0.3m * 0.3m * 3mm 0.3m * 0.3m * 5mm 0.5m * 0.5m * 0.5mm 0.5m * 0.5m * 1mm 0.5 m * 0.5 m * 1.5 mm 0.5 m * 0.5 m * 2 mm 0.5 m * 0.5 m * 3 mm 0.5 m * 0.5 m * 5 mm

The unit is mm Please note one piece

Thickness: 0.5mm-5mm, color: green. Product quality: temperature of 500 degrees, pressure 5.MPA, oil, Naisuan Jian, water.

product description:

Applicable to the reaction tank of the mouth, manhole, hand hole seal, the boiler hand hole, with smoke box, steam ball seal.
Products used in chemical (medicine, pesticides, fertilizers, dyes, polymers, intermediates, etc.) petroleum, electronics, machinery, electricity, environmental protection and other fields.
However, the international community has been recognized as a carcinogenic asbestos. The seventies of this century, many countries put forward non-asbestos program, after 20 years of efforts, the United States, Japan and Australia and other countries have successfully developed various non-asbestos gasket series Materials, the 1990 EPA issued government regulations prohibiting the use of asbestos materials and their products, and now the world's advanced countries have non-asbestos materials to promote the application of various areas, the overall prohibition of asbestos materials.
Asbestos gasket is a series of pads.
1: good sealing performance advantages
2: Excellent corrosion resistance Scope of application:
Use temperature: -100 ℃ - +450 ℃
Working pressure: PN <5.0Mp
Asbestos rubber gasket is made of asbestos and rubber composite gasket products for liquid sealing environment.Asbestos rubber gasket manufacturing, in addition to asbestos fibers and rubber, but also add ingredients, fillers, etc. Material, through the mixing, heat roller molding and curing processes and other processes, a better sealing performance