Aide Lang led lights with 2835/5050 super bright double living room ceiling lights with colorful lights with light colored soft

Aide Lang led lights with 2835/5050 super bright double living room ceiling lights with colorful lights with light colored soft

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Aide Lang
  • Type: LED
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Color Classification: Special Offer Version - [each ID purchase more than one shot without hair] 2835 edition --60 economic support beads [2835] 180 days returned Upgraded --60 beads [Buy one meter to send one meter] upgraded version of 2835 --128 single row of beads [-] brightness upgrade 2835 upgrade version --128 double bead [-] brightness upgrade version --96 decoration beads [5050 highlight - at least 10 meters to send one meter] 60% of people buy home improvement 2835 Pearl Version --168 [double - super bright power]
  • Power: 5.76W / M
  • Voltage: 220V
  • LED lights Specifications: Other
  • Denominated in units of: m
  • Style: SMD
  • Color: warm white yellow green blue red white other

Q: The lights used where there is any advantage?

A: led lights are replacing the traditional T5 energy-saving lamp, more power, longer life for the living room dark trough, TV background, shoe, stair outline warm lighting to create a family environment, led lights with the advantage that can be arbitrarily bending, suitable for modeling. ordinary lamps can not be achieved.

Q: Aide Lang in line with what standard?

A: The standard lamp with us using a standard 6mm board conductors countries, to ensure that the brightness and lifetime of the lamp with the ordinary guide width is only about 3mm, with a serious impact on the life of the lamp, the heat very much. Great, likely to cause damage to the lights.

Q: how to install this light it what parts of it??

A: The lights installation is very simple, if there is light grooves may be placed directly into the tank using a lamp, the lamp can also be used in light-fastening slot, we will use your gift of your purchase quantity corresponding line cards, the tail plug. plug lights with each segment requires a constant current with the drive, there is no constant current control lights are not bright, the plug is required to be purchased, Aide Lang lights must use Aide Lang plug for use if there is no use Aide Lang caused damage not warranty plug (plug later address:)

Q:? There is genuine price promotions do you guarantee what??

A: Hello, this is our official pro authentic, quality assurance, worry, now special promotions super discount, bad bargain, oh thank you pro support our lights with 180 days no reason to return, allowing you to. worry-free shopping (Note: If the case is a lamp with a plate up, the lighting test of time not more than one minute to prevent overheating burn test is recommended when the lamp with expanded test)

Q: need to buy five meters, it should be how to shoot

A: You need to shoot a few meters, a = 1 m Note: Different batches, there will be a little color, if you need large quantities of lights installed in the same place, we recommend buying one.