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Edelang led lights with 2835/5050 ultra-bright living room ceiling double-row lights with colorful lights color soft band

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Edelang
  • Model: LED
  • Warranty period: 5 years
  • Color Classification: 2835 upgrade version - 60 beads' buy 1 meter to send 1 meter '2835 upgrade - 128 beads' single row - brightness upgrade' 2835 home edition - 168 beads' double - ultra-bright upgrade to buy 10 meters to send 1 meter '60% of people buy 2835 home version - 192 beads' double row - Xuanliang upgrade' 2835 Xuanliang version - 288 beads' three rows - factory direct '
  • Power: 5.76W / M
  • Voltage: 220V
  • LED lights with specifications: other
  • Pricing unit: meters
  • Style: SMD
  • Luminous color: warm white white blue green red

Q: What is the advantage of this light belt?

A: led lights with an alternative to the traditional T5 energy saving lamp, more power, longer life, for the living room dark trough, TV background, shoe, stairs contour to create a family warm lighting environment, led lights with the advantage of arbitrary Bending, suitable for modeling is an ordinary lamp can not achieve the effect.

Q: What is the standard for Edelman?

A: The standard lamp with our standard 6mm circuit board lead. Country, to ensure that the lamp with brightness and life, while the general guide plate width of only about 3mm, seriously affecting the lamp with the life, heat is very Large, easily lead to damage to the lamp.

Q: How to install this lamp? What accessories do you need?

A: This lamp is very simple to install, if a light slot can be used directly into the light groove can also be fixed in the light groove lamp buckle, we will be based on the number of your purchase presented your line card, tail plug. Each section of light with a need for a constant current device with the plug driven, there is no constant current lamp is not bright, the plug need to be purchased separately, Edeland lamp with Edelong plug must be used in conjunction, if not used Edelung plugs are not warranted for damage (plug-in purchase address:)

Q: Is it genuine? There are price concessions?

A: Hello pro we this is the official authentic, quality assurance, after-sale worry-free, and now is a special promotion super discount, and bargain Oh, thank you pro. Our lights with 180 days to support no reason to return, (Note: If the light is in the plate with the case, the light test time not more than 1 minute, so as to avoid overheating burned.It is recommended to test when the lights start with the test)

Q: need to buy 5 meters, how should shoot

A: The need for a few meters to shoot a few, 1 = 1 m Note: different batches, there will be a little color, if you need to install large quantities of light with the same place, it is recommended once bought.